When change isn’t good for you

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Health, Personal
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Today is turning into a bit of a mess for more reasons than one. My daughter has a soccer tournament and even on the best of days it is hard to keep Liam entertained while watching and enjoying the games. On top of that, Liam is sick, vomiting and diarrhea. We were lying in my bed this morning (I was trying to keep him quiet so he didn’t wake Meghan up early and sneak a little more sleep in for myself) when he threw up the first time. I honestly did not know I could move that fast. Anyway, I have been hovering around him all morning with a garbage can ready.

Now if that wasn’t enough challenge for me, I had a very rough day yesterday. As my posts have indicated I have been real sensitive and defensive lately. What I haven’t told you is that I have been fighting my depression over the last three weeks. It had been getting steadily worse until yesterday when I finally broke down and had to admit to myself that something was really wrong. It was as if my medication wasn’t working at all.

I was thinking about it and realized that at about the same time the change in my moods occurred it coincided with the last time I had my prescription refilled. And I also recalled that the pills changed in size and color and that usually only happens when the pill is from a different manufacturer. So I called the pharmacy and found out that they had indeed changed manufacturers without telling me.

Now your pharmacist and doctor will usually tell you that generic medicines are just as good as the name brand ones and that the manufacturer doesn’t matter. Well it is simply not true. I did some research on the Internet and found that for some medicines generic might not work as well as name brand and among generic medicines the manufacturer can make a difference in efficacy, particularly with anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs. So I am thinking that is what happened.

Apparently the pharmacy could no longer get my med from the old manufacturer so my only choice is to go see my doctor and see what can be done. I really hope I don’t have to change medications because all of the rest had unwelcome side effects and I was doing so well on this one. I am pretty down, frustrated and angry about it but I don’t have much control over the situation.

So I’m coping and trying my best to make it through to Monday. At least with a sick toddler I won’t have time to dwell on my mood.

  1. alopecia says:

    A sick child and an ineffectual med. It never rains but it pours, right?

    Generics may be chemically identical to brand-name drugs, but sometimes the generics manufacturers skip expensive and/or time-consuming steps in the manufacturing process or they use different inert ingredients. Most of the time it’s no problem, but occasionally it is.

    According to the American Academy of Neurology (http://www.aan.com/globals/axon/assets/4698.pdf), Arizona allows “Dispense as Written” prescriptions. If your generic med isn’t working, your doctor should have no objection to writing one for you.

    For what it’s worth, you have my sympathies.

  2. A doctor once told me that even though generics have the same active ingredient, there is a range for the amount–not a big range, but still…maybe you got a batch with a lower amount of the active ingredient. Maybe you could try another pharmacy that gets the pills from the manufacturer you prefer. I feel your pain. Hang in there.

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