Can’t win for losing

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Personal

If you read my post from yesterday you will know that I said I would pause before speaking to avoid being defensive. Well, I’ve already violated that rule. I handled a disappointment really badly just now and I shot off a text very quickly without thinking. And I’m pretty certain that what I texted irritated if not downright angered the recipient, someone I care deeply about.

I can’t open my mouth without inserting my foot lately. I know I am doing it and I’m trying to stop but it’s really hard for some reason. I wonder if there is a rock big enough in AZ for me to crawl under and hide for the next few weeks?

Which gives me an idea…what about a vacation spot exclusively for people to hide out in when they’ve embarrassed themselves….oh, that’s right….Rehab Clinics already exist but maybe not for garden variety assholes like me.  Is there is cure for being a defensive and insecure asshole?  I sure hope so.

  1. Aww. Did you apologise? Sometimes I say stupid things to close friends and realise later it sounded bad. It feels weird to go back and say, ‘hey, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, sorry’ but they always laugh at me and tell me not to be an eejit.

  2. redlonglocks says:

    OMIF (Open Mouth Insert Foot) are my middle initials. I have learned over the years to be forthright and just come out and humbly apologize. Doesn’t mean you will always be forgiven but the effort to do the right thing MUST be made. I sometimes think the immediacy of email and texting and social media is a horrible thing for folks who have a quick temper – back in the day prior to such ‘immediate’ forms of communication you might have just kicked something or thrown a plate and smashed it, felt better, and having vented, refrained from commenting. Perhaps someone out there ought to create an application that filters your texts and says “We are holding this text for 24 hours before we send as it seems inflammatory–you may want to calm down and consider before you actually send this out?” Perhaps call it the PREVENT OMIF SYNDROME application? 😉

    • David says:

      Good one Kathy, Tina, we all know “the tongue is mightier than the sword” If this texted person knows you, they love you anyway. Remember, I am the baby in the family too. Some time you have to get loud and say the wrong thing just to be heard! The other day, I felt a difference of opinion with a post on fb from an old friend. I posted my opinion and was harshly rebutted because of it. I let it go and agreed to disagree. Several days later my phone rings and it’s Michael. Well I assured him I was not offended or angry in any way. I explained that although I felt he may have said the right thing, in the wrong way, I as a friend, had not changed my feelings toward him because of the incident. Apologize and let it go. Anyone with an ounce of integrity will accept and move on. I have a hard time believing that you texted something so egregious that it wouldn’t be forgivable. Just think about Weeping Willow Grass skirts! I wore them too!

    • drangedinaz says:

      I like the app idea! Lord knows I need it.

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