Out with the old, in with the new

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Family, Personal

I spent the entire day getting rid of toys that my kids, particularly my daughter, have not played with in a while. Since moving into this small apartment 8 months ago their stuff has overflowed their closet and shelving , recently it has covered the floor so that it was difficult to move around. plus, their new toys from Christmas had nowhere to go so they ended up in the living room.

I had been able to ignore the situation because I had a pathway to get to the beds and the dresser. But last night I decided I have had enough. I spent a couple of hours cleaning out their closet last night and then the entire day today unpacking boxes that had been untouched since the move. I could not believe the number of toys that they had and worse yet, the number f things they had never even opened.

See when I was a kid I shared a tiny room with my sister Karla, who was 5 years older. I slept on a trundle bed so we could move around during the day. We had one small upright dresser and a very small closet. Toys were something we simply didn’t have room for but even if we had e room, my mom didn’t have the money to buy us much. But what toys I had, I treasured them and played with them over and over until they simply fell apart or broke. Usually by then a birthday or Christmas would provide us with the opportunity to get new toys and the cycle would begin again.

So you can see how it is hard for me to fathom how my daughter could get a new toy and never take it out of the plastic. I suppose it is because she gets so much that it is hard to keep track of it all. She is not getting most of this stuff from me, however. Her father and his parents inundate Meghan with gifts–they always have. For example this past year she really started getting into Leggos. She mentioned to us that she wanted some of the new line designed specifically for girls. Well my ex-mother-in-law proceeded to buy her every single item in that line. I figured she probably spent $600 or more on those Leggo sets. And that was in addition to all the other presents she had bought for Meghan. Toys that my ex and his family don’t want at their house, they will send over to my place (since I am sure it makes their tiny shriveled hearts all warm and condescendingly fuzzy to donate their toys to me). Then these toys get tossed in with the stuff I buy Meghan. I am generous with my kids but nowhere near the madness of my ex-in-laws. This is how it all accumulates and is probably why Meghan doesn’t treasure any of her toys or care for them the way she should.

Ultimately her loss is some poor kids gain. I cleared out enough stuff to fill 8 large garbage bags. I plan on taking it all to the Gila Indian Reservation for their child services temporary housing for kids whose parents are unable to care for them (for any numbers of reasons). At least someone will treasure them and we can move around in my kids room now. It’s a win-win.

  1. Wow, that’s just crazy! Will there be any tears and heartbreak when they see what you’ve done?

    • drangedinaz says:

      No, I honestly don’t think my daughter even remembers some of the toys. Like she didn’t remember the Hawaiian themed Build-A-Bear or the Smurfette from Build-A-Bear–both cost me a pretty penny. There was a brand new container of thousands of Fusion Beads she never opened. Barbies I saw her play with twice. A lot of it migrates over from her grandmother’s house when Meghan is near the end of wanting to play with something anyway. It’s also for my son’s benefit. I want him to learn to put a toy away before getting out another one (something I never taught Meghan and am now regretting).

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