Days of wine and roses

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Family, Personal

Tonight my boyfriend is taking me, my 9 1/2 year old daughter and his 11 year old son to a very nice restaurant at a local resort in north central Phoenix. It has a spectacular view and at this time of year we should be able to see all the way across the valley.

The restaurant is the kind where they have a sommelier, they put the napkins in your lap for you and they scrape the crumbs off the table with, well, a crumb scraping thingy. Needless to say neither of the kids have ever been to such an establishment before. We have spent the last two weeks prepping them on how to behave. Forbidden behavior includes elbows on the table, farting, burping, hitting each other, making weird facing, staring at the other diners, saying please and thank you….you get the picture.

Other preparation included buying me a new dress. Now I haven’t bought myself any new clothes in so long I have forgotten. I found a full length empire waist dress with a single strap black sheath over a light blue under skirt making the color actually look green. I had the shoes but not the strapless bra. Meghan had a cute purple dress but no hose or shoes. Today I have to find a shawl, caplet or shrug in case it is cold out.

Wish us luck!

  1. redlonglocks says:

    Luck! I wish more people would teach their children manners; it is so important to take them out to places like this when they are young; remember to relax and not be too uptight and don’t anticipate how they are going to behave; if you are relaxed they will be too. Expect the best from them and that is usually what you get! Hope you have a great time!

  2. alopecia says:

    Good luck, and have fun tonight.

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