Democracy Causes Conniptions

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Elections, Pres. Barack Obama, The Economy
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Some “Free Marketeers” are very upset that President Obama won re-election. So upset that they are taking out their anger on their own employees, most of whom don’t even receive liveable wages. For some reason, these very wealthy people are unwilling to take any money out of their millions in profits [or out of wastage (see free pizza’s from Papa John’s below), or out of unnecessary advertising, or out of unnecessary trips, or from new operating efficiencies, etc] and invest it in their own workers.

See what these idiots refuse to see is that having healthier workers means that you have more productive workers and that always improves the bottom line. But you have to be patient because it’s a long term benefit and therein lies the rub. Long term planning and long term profits aren’t what most modern day entrepreneurs are all about. It’s the quick turnover profit that fills their dreams. Because of that thinking, some businessmen have decided to poop on the little guys to help heal their hurt feefees. Here’s a list….All of these guys win the 2012 Biggest Self-Centered Short-Term Thinking Douche Award TM:

**Owner of Papa John’s, can give away a million free pizzas but won’t cover the cost of health insurance for his employees. He’s blaming Obamacare and saying he will reduce employees to less than 30 hours. If he didn’t want to take the cost of health care out of the free pizzas, he could simply charge more for his pizzas–5 cents added to each pizza would cover it. 5 cents, yup, that’s it. His pizza sucks anyway and I rarely order from them.  And after this, I’ll never order from his company again, never.  How do you like that Free Market?

**Owner of Murray Energy, the guy who forced his miners to lose a day of work and pay to expand the crowd at a rally for Romney and serve as publicity tools. He’s actually laying people off. He blames the President for the decline of the coal industry and refuses to recognize that 1) coal is a finite source of energy, 2) there is no such thing as clean coal but the President actually supported it’s use anyway so he’s tried to help the industry and 3) the natural gas industry is primarily responsible for the decline of coal, not this President or any other  President. He likes the Free Market so long as it isn’t free to make his dumb ass obsolescent.

**Time-share magnate (many properties here in AZ, look at that picture of the idjit and his skanky wife) threatened to shut down his businesses but no word on whether he actually followed through. I’m sure it scared the shite out of his employees though.  So nice to frighten the little people who have no control over how the country votes.  Again, a boycott of this jerk’s businesses is probably in order.

**A FL franchise owner (has several, Dairy Queens, Denny’s, Hurricane Bar & Grill) who announced he’s putting a 5% surcharge on every bill and then told the public, either pay the surcharge and tip normally OR reduce the tip you give to your server by 5%. Yes, pay your servers less–you know the ones that are often given the federal minimum wage–$2.13 an hour. Sure take 5% more out of that. Brilliant idea. I would suggest to this guy that he never, ever eat at one of his own restaurants again because servers are known to get back at people by messing with their food.  And if anyone ever deserved a loogie in their food, it’s this guy.

  1. PapaJohns can kiss my eternal ass for this. The Murray guy is the modern equivalent of a buggy-whip manufacturer; either learn how to make car-antennae or GTFO. Time shares are inherently evil: and I follow a lot of retail blogs and none of those people would, or would permit by others, nastiness in someone’s food as revenge. They just suffer the indignities. Usually by the time they get $1.50 tip on a $40 tab after major abuse, it’s too late for revenge, anyway.

    • drangedinaz says:

      In regards to the revenge I was thinking they would owe the owner and wouldn’t have to wait until the tip came. After all he announced to the world what an asshole he was to be.

  2. alopecia says:

    The estimable Dan Savage ( has some thoughts on how restaurant staff can and do take revenge: “Here’s how powerless and abused waiters and bussers and cooks struck back at asshole bosses back when I was in the restaurant biz: we ate, we stole, we broke shit. Treat your servers and kitchen staff like shit and they will make sure you feel it. But it’s breakage and theft on a massive scale that you need worry about, Mr. Metz, not loogies in your omelette.”

    He continues with a hilarious story about his time working at Jams of London. It’s well worth a read.

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