Is Arizona the new Florida?

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Arizona Politics, Elections
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I mean, Arizona is STILL counting ballots.  Did you know that?  I didn’t.  Then again, I’ve stopped watching local newscasts because, well, they are horrid.  Found this out today.  Evidently as of Friday afternoon there were over 520,000 ballots still uncounted.  Unfortunately there were several close races in the state where victors have already been declared and their opponents have already thrown in the towel.  These votes could make the difference in those contests.

Why is this not a bigger deal?  Why aren’t Arizonans outraged?  Because today it’s some other 520,000 people whose votes were ignored, but tomorrow you could be one of the ignored.  The sanctity of the process matters.  The efficacy of our elections system matters.  The delay in finding out results taints the result.  Remember 2000 when the Supreme Court told Florida to stop the recount and declared Bush the winner?  It wasn’t JUST because they wanted Bush to win (they did), they made the point, as much as I hate to agree with them, that the longer the process dragged on, the more uncertainty, the more doubt and the more instability.  And psychologically speaking they are correct.  Even Gore recognized this and said something to that effect in his concession speech.

The point is…this is 2012.  We should be doing a better job with our elections.  Why can’t we?  And why are Americans tolerating such inefficiency and injustice.


  1. Just told hubby this news, can I quote him? ‘Realllllly. For f*cks’ sake!’ That’s ridiculous.’

    Delete or censor as necessary 🙂

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