THIS is the new normal

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Natural Disasters
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The people in New York City are not doing so well today after such a horrendous storm.

The storm killed at least 90 people in the U.S. New York City raised its death toll on Thursday to 38, including two Staten Island boys, 2 and 4, swept from their mother’s arms by the floodwaters.

My heart aches for this mother and all the people who lost loved ones. Realize folks that this is when the system is responding WELL. Can you imagine if they cut FEMA’s budget? Also, if people can’t get in and out of the city because the roads and bridges are bumper to bumper in and out, how the heck does Romney and Ryan think they’re going to get canned goods into the city? Is it time for helicopter drops by FEMA? All those Hollywood movies featuring NYC as an isolated place just perfect for imprisoning or hiding people aren’t too far off the mark in reality. First things first–security. I’m sure the police are exhausted by now. They can’t work 24/7. It might be time for the governor to call in some National Guard troops. Next make sure they’ve got food and water coming into the island or distribute better what they have in stock. Next, they have to improve transportation in and out of the city better, then they can focus on the internal transportation. Finally, they have get the power up and running. People can live without power but they can’t live without food and security. I don’t envy NYC officials right now and I’m sure they are doing the absolute best that they can.

The larger point is that Sandy was just one of many that the East Coast will be experiencing from here on out because of Climate Change. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that man causes it or not. We KNOW scientifically that Climate Change is happening and now it has begun to affect the U.S. This is just a little taste of what many island nations have been experiencing for the last 10 to 20 years. You know the ones that have been begging us (and China) to stop polluting so much–the ones we’ve been ignoring?

Now for a little satire from The Onion:

“Right now, Americans all across the country are watching the aftermath of this storm and at long last recognizing that this is what life is like now,” said Dr. Richard Morales, a climatologist at the University of Pennsylvania. “Admittedly, it could take a little while for some to fully acknowledge it, but at the end of the day, people will be much happier once they accept that they and their loved ones will likely suffer the consequences of an even stronger, more deadly hurricane at some point very soon. It’s going to happen.”

“I went through something very similar a few years ago when I finally came to terms with the fact that no one would ever listen to anything I said about global warming,” Morales added. “And that it is entirely too late to do anything about it.”

  1. Here in Shelton, Connecticut, day 5 without electricity. Just hanging in there. Could be worse like on the shores of Jersey and NY beaches. As a person with a day job in the Center for a Sustainable Future at a local college, we know how the world climate is changing. We need the people in power to have a change of heart, to have concern for what the scientists are telling us, to open their hearts and minds to the reality before them.

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