Stay safe and dry if possible

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Family, Personal

To all of my family on the East Coast, I am thinking about you!  I”m hearing a lot about NJ and Delaware but not much about NC, where one of my sisters lives.  The rest of the family (the ones affected by the storm, that is) is scattered in central PA.  This is one day, one exceedingly rare day, when I am glad I live in a desert.  My thoughts are with you, family and friends as you get through this storm. Be safe (and dry, if possible).

  1. I’ve not heard much out of my NJ family. They are in Margate and AC area, so smack-dab centre of the eye. Think they all evacuated. But even in Cleveland OH they were hit pretty hard with the winds!

  2. drangedinaz says:

    What part of NYC? That’s the important part…..power is out for about 1 million people. So long as they don’t live underground or near the area in Queens that burnt down, they should be fine.

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