Why I am voting for Obama: Reason #5

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, Pres. Barack Obama, The Economy, The Media
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Because he has reduced the deficit and he will continue to do so.  No you didn’t read that wrong.  What you’re hearing and reading wrong is the Mainstream Media (MSM) that keeps telling you “the sky is falling” with regards the deficit and debt.  Here’s what they should be saying.  Although Americans overwhelmingly believe the deficit is skyrocketing into the stratosphere the reality paints a very different picture. Bob Cesca says it very pithily:

As of 2013, the deficit will have been reduced by $300 billion from Bush’s final deficit of $1.2 triilion [sic] — $500 billion if you include the full 2009 $1.4 trillion deficit.

Here’s some other little gems that the MSM isn’t really communicating to the average American voter:

  • The Federal Government ran a $75 billion budget surplus in September 2012.  Sounds like pretty darn good management to me.
  • U.S. Debt is actually at it’s lowest level since 2006.  Debt and deficit are not the same thing so don’t let the news or the politicians use them interchangeably.  They KNOW they aren’t the same and they’re treating us like idiots when they do it.
  • The President signed a Spend as You Go law in early 2010, requiring that any new spending be offset by either cuts or new revenue.  Pretty hard to increase spending with such a law.  But Vultures R’ Us (Romney/Ryan) have been telling gullible Americans that “federal spending has accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history”.  Romney’s pants are so on fire, they’ve turned molten.
  • Government spending is at it’s lowest in decades at an annualized growth rate of 1.4%.  GWB’s spending growth rate was 7.3% his first term and 8.1% his second.  Since too many Republicans don’t like to use GWB as an example, lets look at their hero, Saint Ronny Raygun.  Reagan’s rates were 8.7% and 4.9% for each term respectively. So Ronnie halved the growth rate in his second term but it was still over 3x’s higher than President Obama’s.
  • Of the last five Presidents (covering 8 terms), the only Presidents to reduce the deficit were Clinton and Obama–the only two Democratic Presidents.
  • CBO projections for the President’s 2013 budget* say that the deficit will be reduced to $977 billion** (first time out of the trillions since when?)

I’m not saying it’s where we need to be.  But I am saying that the Romney/Ryan plan to 1) give the wealthy unneeded tax breaks when the country needs more revenue, 2) get that revenue from the middle and lower classes who are completely tapped out, and 3) cut off aid to the most vulnerable among us is NOT the solution.


* IF passed by Congress who can’t seem to find their own ass in the dark so this is a really big IF…that’s why the Democratic Party needs to get a better foothold in Congress as well

**Note the link takes you to a decidedly anti-Obama news article.  Notice how they phrase everything to be negative.  What they aren’t telling you in the article that the deficit being at $977 billion is actually a good thing because it’s a huge REDUCTION from where it is now AND it is a bigger reduction than would be seen under budgets proposed by Congressional Republicans and the Vulture/Granny Starver ticket.


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