Blood will have blood

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Entertainment, Personal
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This past week I had a patch of insomnia.  To entertain myself I thought I would check out the HBO series, True Blood.  Well, let’s just say I am hooked.  Anna Paquin is a very good actress.  I first saw her in The Piano (which is one of my favorite movies–I know I’m weird).  Next thing I know I’ve burned through all of Season 1.  One thing that stands out about the series is the music.  The title song, Bad Things is terrific.  I originally thought it was Chris Isaak but it’s not.  It’s a guy by the name of Jace Everett.  He can sing so low you feel it in your sternum but his voice is pretty versatile and he never sticks to any one genre from album to album.  I like artists that blur lines.  He does plain country, blues, rock but it’s more than that…he’s creative in a way you just don’t see very often.  So now I am not only obsessed with this show, I have a new lust object (a girl’s gotta have something to dream about).

If you really like Blues fused with Rock and just down dirty gritty music (cuz I sho do) then you will really like these songs.  Here’s a video of the title Song, “Bad Things”  and below that another one I like called, “One of Them”.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

  1. Love the show, the characters, the books! And the theme – even though resident DJ skips it. Bah, humbug. More time for me to spend drooling over the men on screen, though…

  2. drangedinaz says:

    Cool! Are the books very different from the series? I usually find books to be much more satisfying than the tv/movie version. Did you read the books before or after you started watching the show. I am to Season 3, ep 9. At first I really like Tara but not so much. Jason I just ant to slap upside the head. And Sam has been growing on me. Oh, and love love the Lafayette character….defies a lot of stereotypes it seems to me.

    • Yes on all counts! Tara is a very minor character in the books. She annoys my hubby to no end, too whiny. I watched up to the end of season 3 then read the books. Lafayette is great, and definitely on my list of hot men, even if he plays a gay man here! He is also a minor character in the books, but in this case it’s a good thing he’s on the show a lot.

      • drangedinaz says:

        I’m with your hubby on Tara. She has gotten far too whiny. Started Season 4 last night so I won’t spoil it for you. I too am going to stop watching and read the books. Bought the first 8 books Kindle version to read on my iPad. It’s a nice distraction.

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