Never piss off your make-up artist

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, Racism
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Last week I speculated on whether Mitt “let them eat cake” Romney purposely performed in “brown-face” on Univision. While there is no way to tell for sure there are some other, equally plausible scenarios on how this happened.

The following scene popped into my head and amused me to no end. Imagine, if you will, Romney settling into a make-up chair and a couple of Hispanics, a woman and a man are supposed to do his make-up and hair. They discuss what they are going to do. They talk in Spanish while going about their work. The Hispanic woman smiles and nods to Romney in the mirror as she places a plastic cape around his neck to protect his Brooks Brother suit.

The male hairdresser whispers to the woman, “Puedes creer que dijo que una media de Los Estados Unidos son perezoso porque no paga impuestos?!”

She shakes her head in response while trying a variety of colors of make-up to see what matches Romney best. Romney ignores them and their conversation because he is busy reading up on potential questions.

“También dijo que las leyes de inmigración debe ser tan estricto como es en Arizona que los mexicanos sera auto-deportar!”

She pauses, “Verdad?”, frowning a little looking at Mitt in the mirror, “Que pendejo!” Mitt senses her gaze. She smiles and nods at him. He never notices that the smile doesn’t reach her eyes. He grins and nods back, returning to his reading.

“Y nunca ha hecho un duro día de trabajo en toda su vida” says the man as he finishes patting Mitt’s hair into place one last time.

By now, the lady is tsking and muttering under breath…”Yo no soy perezoso….como Arizona?”. She stops, picks up a darker shade than she was using before. “Sangron, estropeado …..”. The more she mutters the more make-up she puts on With a satisfied look on her face she reaches over and dims the mirror lights.

She powders him one last time as the hairdresser returns. He pauses noticing how dark Romney looks and looks over at the woman. She gives him a look with one eyebrow raised and a hint of a smile. The hairdresser nods, stifling a laugh and begins to take the cape off, saying to Romney, “Señor,I believe they are ready for you. You must hurry”. Romney nods and scrambles to his feet disappearing towards the soundstage.

Smiling broadly the woman says to the hairdresser, “Alguien debería echar un vistazo a estas luces. Son tan oscuro que apenas podía ver la cara del cabron!”

[End of scene]

—————translation to English

Can you believe he said half the US is lazy because they don’t pay taxes?

He also said that immigration laws should be even stricter, like they are in Arizona, so that Mexicans will self-deport!

Really? What a dumbass!

And he has never done a hard day’s work in his entire life.

I’m not lazy….like Arizona? Stuck up, spoiled…..

Someone should take a look at those lights. I could barely see that asshole’s face!


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