Things seem to be sunnier in the Land of Freedom today. What with Mittens’ showing his true colors on video and now good news on the Republican attempts at voter suppression.

The PA Supreme Court sent the Voter ID case back down to the lower court. The lower court must now decide if the Department of Transportation can realistically provide 750,000 residents with proper photo ID before the election occurs. Chances are good, or at least I’d like to think that, that the court will decide, “no, the DOT can’t do it” and this horrible Voter ID law will be overturned. However, if we’re talking about the same judge as before, I’m not as optimistic. In case yo missed it, the lower court judge used a really old case decided in 1869 to support the reasoning that it’s okay to put more obstacles in the way of “urban” dwellers than “rural” dwellers–I kid you not.

In Ohio, another voting law, the one that said that ONLY military personnel had the right to vote early and/or absentee (the one that the Republicans lied about saying that the President was the one trying to tell military people they couldn’t vote early when it was exactly the opposite), was overturned. It is, however, still pending appeal. On Sept. 5th, upon hearing of the law being overturned the Secretary of State, John Husted, just decided that he was going to ignore the court’s ruling and he actually wrote that in an official order to the various County Election Boards. Now, everyone knows what happens when you tell a judge that you’re going to ignore their ruling, right? I mean, you’d have to have an IQ of 50 not to know that this isn’t a good idea, right? Evidently Husted is one of those rare individuals who just doesn’t get how much authoritah a state judge has.

Well the Ohio judge, Peter Economus, ordered a hearing and ordered Husted to personally appear in said hearing. Husted got the order, and finally understanding the error of his ways (perhaps his child explained it to him), he fainted. Once he was revived with a wad of tear-soaked foreclosure notices from Ohio voters he rescinded his order, which meant that the County Board of Elections could go about their merry business of scheduling and disseminating early voting procedures. Then because Husted is truly, positively clueless, he had the nerve ask Judge Economus for a “stay” on the ruling until the Appeals court had had a chance to rule. Needless to say the good Judge Economus said, ‘No, I don’t think so’ (not just because Husted was being an ass, but also because the State should have asked that as soon as they were given the ruling–now that weeks have passed, that means even less time for everyone to get ready for the election–caution on the side of the voters is usually the way the courts lean–the PA debacle above, notwithstanding). Now Ohioans of all types will hopefully have a few more opportunities and methods of voting.

So things are looking up wouldn’t you say? Let’s keep our fingers crossed (cuz I’m just superstitious that way).

  1. Fun. My absentee vote is from Ohio.

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