UPDATE:  In retrospect we may not actually be the hardest working people on the entire planet, but I was angry when I wrote this post–so sue me!  I know that we’re definitely pretty high for the number of hours worked every year….

In regards to the exploding news of a secretly recorded video featuring Romney saying that half of Ameria (47%) don’t pay income taxes and are therefore “moochers”, dependent on the system and therefore will vote for Obama (because we all get a check from him and Soros personally, dontchaknow)….did you hear his tone?  His confidence?  This is not the Mitt we have seen on TV.  This is the REAL Mitt.  Not the bumbling, stumbling, foot in the mouth embarrassment.  But a confident businessman laying out his thoughts and his strategy.

On the Intertubes a lot of conservative voters are trying to focus on welfare, but that is NOT what Mittens was talking about.  He was talking about the 47% that don’t pay Federal Income Taxes.  I wrote a response to a few of these posters.  Here it is:

First of all, Romney wasn’t saying 47% are on welfare–he said 47% don’t pay federal income taxes. The true number is 39%. Of that 39% the majority are retired people. People who have worked their butts off their entire life. They never made much and they didn’t have pensions. Majority of these elderly people can no longer work due to age and/or illness The rest of the 39% are working families. Did you read that closely? Working. They work at the convenience stores and fast food restaurants, at the big chain discount stores, at the gas stations, at grocery stores, they go to college. They work but they don’t make enough to end up owing income taxes. So they’re not moochers, they’re working people who are just trying to live. Now these same people ALL pay taxes. They pay state taxes (because you can get a federal refund but still owe state taxes). They pay local taxes and property taxes (if they own any). They pay sales taxes. And a greater percentage of their earning[s] go towards sales tax than any other segment of the population. If you only [make] $20,000 a year, an extra 2 cents on every jug of milk adds up. If you make $100,000 a year, you won’t even notice it. Some of these 39% are middle class families. They have a few kids, a mortgage and they are putting money pre-tax into 401ks. They end up not owing any taxes or get a refund. That’s me….that’s a lot of you. What most of you on here don’t realize is that Romney was talking about YOU!!!!!!

Romney essentially called half of America moochers and a lot of people on here agree. Really, half of America? C’mon people. Are you going to vote for a man that thinks HALF of America are moochers? That’s not who we are. We are (and this can be factually proven) the hardest working country on the planet.

An important lesson here for the “One Percenters” is if you are going to say shitty things about “THOSE people” you had better be sure “THOSE people” filling your water glass, making your cocktail and serving your food don’t have cameras in their pockets because they REALLY don’t like being called moochers while having to politely wait on your dumb, over-privileged ass.  Apparently liberals aren’t the only ones who are focusing on class and trying to use wedge issues.  If the richest people in America calling the rest of us moochers isn’t class warfare, I don’t know what the fuck is.


*I corrected some typos in my post using brackets

**Sorry about the cursing, but people born with silver spoons in their mouths dissing people like me (I get a tax refund most years and I have been working steadily with only one 6 month break since I was 14 years old) REALLY, REALLY pisses me off.

  1. This, I did hear about. I’m sticking with my overall conspiracy theory about the R’s not running anyone with a chance, so the mess they have left, which clearly cannot be cleared up in 8 years, can be used against the next, weaker D candidate. Twit is now making efforts to alienate everyone. Next he’ll say something derogatory about ‘normal Christians’. You heard it here first 🙂

    • drangedinaz says:

      I’ve heard a lot of others online saying the same thing. I’m not too sure…I think he was just the best they had. After all, their entire philosophy is morally bankrupt and that can’t attract good leaders?

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