And fun was had by all

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Personal

I survived a 2 year old’s birthday party.  Yep, you read that right.  There was no mosh pit or drunken orgy, unless you consider toddlers running amok poolside after devouring some ribs covered in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and a boatload of cake similarly, which at this point in my life, I do.  Good Lord, I’m getting too old for this crap.  Why did I wait so late in life to have kids?  Some days I need a reminder.

In all seriousness I think the baby had a great time.  His expressions when opening the presents were priceless and I hope I can get the pics soon to share with y’all. Next year I will cheat and take him somewhere where I have to do very, very little–Chuck E. Cheese or something.  I despise the place but I completely get why it exists now that I have joined the ranks of the “breeders”.

Another reason it is so hard on me is that I am an introvert by nature.  I like and NEED quiet spaces, time alone to think uninterrupted.  Having to talk to people, to make small talk, to be entertaining–well, I can do it and I think fake it pretty well.  I can get up and lecture in front of hundreds of people with nary a qualm, but make small talk with a small group of people, no thank you.  I may be smiling but inside I’m thinking “please, please, let this end soon”.  I’m thinking of this…introverted v. extroverted conundrum…..because I read on another blog about someone who went on a week long trip and came back exhausted only to come down with a cold.  A reader said that that wasn’t normal.   And I thought, “but that’s normal for me too”.  Traveling with other people, socializing, get very little sleep and having the time of your life is awesome and definitely not something one should avoid.  I would have done the same thing as the traveler because you only get so many opportunities in a lifetime.  That doesn’t change the fact that one is an introvert and try as we might to be extroverted for brief spurts of time,   that effort is taxing for us in a way that isn’t conceivable by an extrovert.

All this is just a really round about way of saying I am extremely tired today.  So I’ll either be okay tomorrow or I will end up sick.  I think I’ll load up on Vitamin C just in case.  Just another day in the life of Ms. D. Ranged in AZ.  Happy Monday, y’all.


  1. Ha! You sound so much like my best friend, laughing at yourself for becoming a ‘breeder!’ Yes, you’ve lived though one of my worst nightmares – and you fed them RIBS!!!! Brave, brave woman! You deserve a rest. I always get ill after a holiday – being run down from all the running around, rich food, and meeting people you don’t know who might be carrying something you’ve not been exposed to. Normal!

    • drangedinaz says:

      Germs, they have germs! LOL In re: Ribs, I am sure I will be dealing with some nasty rebound effect, if you know what I mean? I’m counting the days until he is out of diapers… about germs!

  2. Strayer says:

    I know women who have gone into intensive therapy after parties for their two year olds. Consider yourself ahead of the game.

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