UPDATE:  At the end of my exhausting Sunday, as I was falling asleep, I remembered that I had put some personal stuff in the the politics section below.  Well, I wrote this post at 1:30 am, after rearranging all the furniture in the kid’s room by myself (and I have the sore back and bruises to show for it) and had had a couple of glasses of wine–so I’m lucky it is at all coherent.

Random thoughts from last few days.

1. You know what really sucks? Having to restrain oneself. There are so many things I want and really NEED to say and I can’t because I’m embroiled in a custody dispute. I feel like I have mental shackles and boy do they chaffe.  One day, I shall be free……

2. My life is so pathetic or completely awesome, depending on your perspective. I spent the majority of the time on my night sans kids shopping at Toy’s R Us for my son’s second birthday. I am having a cook-out/pool party tomorrow. My ex is providing the meat and I am providing everything else. I pray that my son enjoys himself. If that happens, then I will be content.

3. This past week in politics has been Kah-razeee! Here’s my Kah-razee synopsis:

a. The PA Supreme Court said that the PA voter ID law had to be put on hold (i.e., an injunction was issued) and this was a complete surprise. Even if they don’t decide against the law, there are volunteers standing by to help the tens of thousands of disenfranchised voter to get informed and get ID’s.

b. I have been living, jealously and vicarously, through ABL and John Cole of Balloon Juice who were able to go to the DNC Convention due to the Balloon Juice community largesse. I would give my left nut, if I had one, to have gone.

c. Mitt Romney this past week showed why he shouldn’t be let anywhere near the Oval Office by criticizing the President for a statement he didn’t make about an event that hadn’t yet occurred. Oh, and he’s an asshole for trying to make political hay using the deaths of four State Department employees in Libya.

d. It is the middle of September and about midnight. I just came from the jacuzzi and pool and I was not in the least bit too cold. Arizona is too damn hot for my lily white ass.

e. I finally got to watch “The Kids Are Alright”. I felt bad for the sperm donor. Does that make me a bad person? Also, the kid that plays the son, Josh Hutcherson, ended up playing Peeta in Hunger Games and it’s not hard to see why. This kid has talent and so far is pretty underrated. Let’s see what he does in the rest of the Hunger Games series…..

f. The statement by Chaz Pazienza that Kate Middleton’s breasts did not make him “…weep openly as if I’d just seen the face of the Christ child” made me laugh out loud. I was so amused I even snorted.

Well, it’s 1:30 am and that’s all I got. I gotta get to bed so I can be fresh as a daisy for my son’s second birthday party. Wish me luck because I need it…..

  1. I totally understand how it “really sucks” when having to restrain oneself in regards to the ex and custody of your precious little ones. You are not alone.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Thanks. I’m hoping that everything will be resolved in another month or two. One way or another, I will be okay. It’s my daughter that I am worried about the most. If I don’t win any concessions, I don’t think she will take it well at all. I can accept that there are things I cannot control–it took me 42 years to learn that lesson. Unfortunately, my daughter is only 9 and she will have to learn that lesson the hard way and far too soon.

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