1. I think I discovered another Darwin Award Nominee, guy trying to pull a Bigfoot hoax gets killed in mid-prank….from Here

2. At the home of the teenage shooting suspect in Maryland, “A sign at the house said, “We don’t call 911″ and had a carved relief of a gun.” Hmmmm, I wonder where the boy got the idea into his head to use a gun to strike out at people who made him mad….hmmmmmmmmm…..from Here

3. Did you notice in the New York City shooting the other day that all 9 civilians who were wounded were actually shot by the officers responding to the scene. Completely undercuts the arguments of numbnuts who think they’re Dirty Harry who can respond to a shooting incident in a crowd and ONLY hit the bad guy….from Here

4. Sheriff “I let people die in my jails” Arpaio was set to speak (along with Donald Trump) at the GOP convention but only to the Western delegates at an “invitation-only” reception. For a minute there, I thought they were going to let the idiot speak on the national stage. Phew! As if AZ needed more embarrassment than usual…..from Here

5. Someone put up a modified Hope poster on Facebook yesterday that showed the President being lynched. Thankfully it was only up for a few hours before outraged citizens forced Facebook to take it down. It literally made me nauseous….from Here

6. Speaking of bigotry, did you catch Mitt “I have big Man-Love for Paul Ryan” Romney saying no one ever asked for his birth certificate, ha ha. Interestingly enough, I didn’t laugh at his supposed joke. He may have said it in Ann Arbor, Michigan but they heard that dog whistle all the way down in the Louisiana bayou. What an asshole….from Here

7. It has actually been raining in AZ, so now it’s over a 100 degrees, humid AND we’re still in a massive drought. Wheeeeeeeee!

8. Remember the conservative poutrage over the Dept of Homeland Security Report that said domestic terrorists, in particular right-wing groups, pose the greatest threat to our safety? Well, recent events are bearing that out (i.e., a plot in Alaska to kill a Federal Judge, in Georgia the murder of an innocent couple and a plot to kill the President, and the mass murder at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin). Now watch how conservatives try to distance themselves from these extremists while issuing dog whistles from the other side of their mouth. They honestly think if the American people just stare into Paul Ryan’s dreamy blue eyes, they won’t notice that bigots and extremists have taken over the Republican party. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

9. Speaking of his dreamy blue eyes, Paul “I’m Ayn Rand in a suit” Ryan was raked over the coals by Maureen O’Dowd.  O’Dowd’s article was summarized in hysterical fashion by Sarah, Proud and Tall.  Sarah’s biting and bawdy humor isn’t for the faint of heart. And I mean that part about biting literally.  Even without her dentures in Sarah is a downright dangerous.  Check it out over at Balloon Juice and make sure you do not have liquids in your mouth while reading it:  That’s Why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.


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