The most aggravated form of tyranny

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, Pres. Barack Obama
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I hear, day in and day out, from Tea Party members and lifelong Libertarians here in AZ that President Obama is a dictator1.  Here’s one fact among thousands that proves why he is NOT and why our grand experiment is alive and well.

The director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development refused to do something very important that the President requested.  Essentially the President asked HUD that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac let underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages at current rates.  The director of HUD, Edward DeMarco, said “NO”.

To put this in perspective, even the Romney Campaign, who has been pandering to the most extreme elements of his party championed this very idea. Nevertheless, the head of an important Federal Department is standing in the way of a significant effort to improve the economy.  And the repercussions? Nothing.

Nothing, that is, except the continued extremely slow growth in the economy and as a result, potentially lower poll numbers for the President. The result in a real dictatorship would be far different.  DeMarco would be dead…literally2.  In fact, you wouldn’t see the news that he said “no”, the refinancing would simply occur and DeMarco’s family would be wondering what happened to him because he would never return home.

However, our grand experiment is under attack. There are un-constitutional voter disenfranchisement attempts underway. And the moneyed classes, your “One Percenters” are trying to steal the election. But worst of all, the Beltway Media Elite of Centrist ass kissers have decided that a little suffering on the part of “the rest of us” is A-Okay by them.  So, if people have to get their panties in a wad about someone having too much power, how about we focus on the corporations and the filthy rich individuals with agendas behind them.  Oh, and don’t forget those Georgetown row house dwelling media celebrities that think that any pain not suffered by them and any change that doesn’t upset their cushy media status quo.


1. To my Liberal friend out there, if you live in a Red-State as crazy as AZ you would understand.
2. No, you wingnuts, I am not threatening the man, I am saying, if this wasn’t America, he wouldn’t ever have had the opportunity to defy the President. I do not EVER encourage violence against anyone.




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