It may come down to the wire

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Arizona Politics, Elections, Rep. Jeff Flake, Tea Party
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There is an interesting contest brewing over the Senate seat of retiring Jon Kyle.  Since Arizona politicians like to stay in office far beyond their actual usefulness (see Sen. John McCain) and some like to continue from beyond the grave (also see Sen. John McCain),this presents a rare opportunity for Democrats to make some headway against the Republican hegemony.  Which is actually just a fancy way of saying that Republicans have been  buried in the hide of Arizona like a tick for decades now and it’s near about impossible to pry them out.  You get rid of one and another takes his place.

Anyway, Dr. Rich Carmona, the Democratic challenger is a highly decorated ex-military medic who has a rags to riches story that is so wonderfully American that is should stir even the most cynical of voters.  A vascular surgeon by trade, he has decided to enter politics to challenge 6-term Congressional Representative and very Fiscal Conservative Jeff Flake. Rep. Flake is plagued by a primary challenge from a Tea Party candidate, whereas Carmona is unopposed in his primary.  Isn’t it nice to see the divisiveness on the Elephant’s foot for once (or is that mixing my metaphors too much?).

The excellent news is that Carmona and Flake are running even in the polls.  Yes, you read that right. In Arizona no less.  This just may be our opportunity to support the Democratic national party’s effort to regain real control of Congress.  Carmona is a worthy candidate and deserves your serious consideration. Check him out!


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