Why I am voting for Pres. Obama: Reason #1

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Elections, Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Pres. Barack Obama
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Today on a social media site I was discussing why Mitt “I have so many houses I don’t even know what  state I am in” Romney’s election to the White House would be bad for me personally when it occurred to me that I’ve never clearly articulated,  in practical terms, why I support President Obama this November.  So I am going to list out, as succinctly as possible those reasons as I think of them and have time.  Here goes.

Why I am voting for Pres. Obama:  Reason #1

The President supported and passed the new healthcare law that Mitt Romney and the entire Republican party wants to get rid of. That law directly affects me in a life and death kind of way.  I have pre-existing conditions.  Right now, insurance companies can refuse to offer me any health insurance.  For one of those conditions I need medication or my life would be severely disrupted if not over.  And if I don’t have health insurance, my child who is not yet 2 years old will not have health insurance (I make too much money to put him on the state programs that exist for poor children but not enough to pay cash for everything).  The healthcare law immediately made it illegal for insurance companies to refuse coverage to children.  It also will make it illegal for them to refuse me starting in 2014.  I won’t get anything for free and I will pay very high premiums but I will have health insurance.  This change has allowed me to leave a job I was very unhappy in and go to work for a small business that doesn’t provide benefits, a small company that has enormous potential to grow and make life better for millions of people.  That’s entrepreneurialism at it’s finest right there.


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