That’s gonna hurt!

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, Pres. Barack Obama
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Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt “I’m not a robber baron” Romney ended his trip to Europe where he insulted nearly every culture he encountered (and some he didn’t even talk to).  He finished the “tour de disastre”TM  by enduring crowds in Poland chanting, “Obama, Obama”.  The reason that this rebuff is so profound is because Mitt has been pandering to Poland for months now by pushing to restart the  anti-missile defense system that Pres. G. W. Bush began and Pres. Obama later nixed.

If you don’t remember this was the huge boondoggle for Halliburton and the rest of the military industrial complex to place supposedly defensive missiles pointed at the completely non-existent Red Horde that was might be coming out of the very dead Soviet Union.   Republicans who haven’t looked at a map in 30 years and believe  that history ended just before the Berlin Wall came down under Saint Ronnie Raygun thought that Poland still wanted the system. That’s what Mitt “I consider living in a chateau roughing it” Romney thought so right up until he had to endure chants of his rival’s name.

European politicians (can’t find the source but heard this on the radio, NPR or ABC News) have openly said that ‘Poland had moved on and there’s no point in pushing that agenda anymore’ [my paraphrasing here, if you know the source, let me know]. In addition, Mitt “I think busting up unions is swell” Romney didn’t consider the fact that Poland is a bastion of organized labor. In fact, had it not been for Solidarity, the Independent Trade Union that helped free Poland from Soviet tyranny,  Poland might still be a part of Russia.  But gosh darn those unions!  They kill our freedoms!  /snark

Do you think Mitt “I make more tax deductions for one horse than you earn in a year” Romney will learn any lessons from his trip across the pond?  I’m guessing he won’t.


  1. I get my news from the very political hubby because I’m too busy to turn on the tv or read… Oh, and Facebook, and blogs! But yes he’s made an expensive horse’s ass of himself according to every country. Thing is… I still think this is planned. The GOP have Obama hogtied, he can barely get anything done. Right now they are all about blame, slander, and setting themselves up purty for next time with an actual decent candidate (please no not Palin, but I think she’s being quiet for a reason and that’s the reason) to take over once the evil Negro Islamic Dem can’t run anymore. I sure hope the dems are looking for someone good for the next election but I doubt they have a chance in hell in eight years. So there’s my prediction – Obama again but still unable to get much done…

    • drangedinaz says:

      I hope you are wrong. I was hoping that Pres. Obama would go for broke during his second term and really come out swinging. I think the the overall numbers in Congress won’t change but the President’s approach will. And I think it might make all the difference in the world if he starts to play hardball.

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