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Posted: July 23, 2012 in Elections, Mitt Romney, MSM, Pres. Barack Obama, The Media
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So the President’s campaign is finally giving as good as it has been getting in the campaign department, and suddenly that’s all the media wants to talk about. I can’t believe how many articles I am seeing about how “dirty” the President’s ads are and how he’s “going negative” and how “bad that is for America”. Funny how this same media has had very little editorial to say about the fact that the opposition has been going negative on the President, back before he was even the nominee.

No one except for liberal bloggers called the right out for:

1) the birther nonsense (at least until recently, when a variety of high profile CNN reporters finally began to corner well known birthers like Trump),
2) the socialism nonsense,
3) the “he wants to take your guns” nonsense,
4) the palling around with Terrorists nonsense,
5) the insults to the First Lady nonsense,
6) the nonsense charge that the President is a secret Muslim,
7) the charge that he is a frothing at the mouth African American Christian that embraces Liberation Theology, ala Rev. Wright (yeah, the same people that accuse him of being Muslim in one breath will turn around and bring up his supposedly objectionable Christian beliefs in the next, try to wrap your head around that)
and on and on.

In fact there has been so much ugliness from the right that there are entire organizations that were created to keep up with it all and they STILL CAN’T track and counter it all. Yet since the first hard hitting ad came out from the Obama Campaign on July 14th, I have seen dozens of articles highlighted online (meaning in the top ten ranked and “above the fold”) about how Pres. Obama has gone “negative” and how “bad that is”.

Yes, let’s look at how “bad” that ad is. It’s based on provable facts. While Romney ran Bain, many factories were closed and sold and thousands of people lost their jobs while Romney profited and he put those earnings into offshore accounts so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes on them. Now look at the birtherism nonsense–there’s literally not a single, provable fact to support the claim that the President wasn’t born in Hawaii.  Now take that one negative ad from the President and compare it to the Birtherism nonsense multiplied by a thousand for every negative story about any of the topics listed above from any site, surrogate or candidate on the right.  There’s absolutely no equivalency here folks and there never was.

So if you hear an undecided person or an independent who is wavering between the two candidates complain about the negativity, explain to them how it isn’t quite the same and that God/FSM forbid, the President give back just a tiny taste of what he’s had to put up with for about five years now. I am enjoying the strong response from the Obama campaign and I hope they keep the facts coming, particularly if they reflect poorly on Mittens.

  1. rumpydog says:

    Just goes to show how petty we are if this stuff works on us.

  2. I’ve even heard about this shite over here. What a load of dookey. I’ve seen the advert you mention… Is it ‘negative’ when it is TRUE? Guess so, when you’re on the opposite side.

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