Perhaps I should just title this, “Why Mitt Romney is the worst choice this country could make at this point in our history” but it’s not as snappy.  Bob Cesca explains it so much better than I can.

Yes, Mitt Romney has expertise in the private sector, which is often and ignorantly ballyhooed as a qualification for president. But it’s not the kind of expertise we should be seeking in a president. There are countless differences between running the government and running a corporation, but that’s just the beginning. If Romney’s record is any indication, we know that he’s comfortable with outsourcing jobs, he’s comfortable with de-regulatory policy that allows unlimited mergers and acquisitions to point of near-monopoly, he’s comfortable with using tax loopholes and secret off-shore accounts to hide his money and he’s comfortable with paying himself huge windfalls at the expense of everyone else (his tax policy, for example, would personally save Romney around $5 million annually, while adding to the deficit and debt).

I recommend reading Bob’s entire article and sharing it with anyone who might be sitting on the fence or any liberal who is unmotivated to vote this Fall.  We need a very good turnout in order to keep the U.S. going in the right direction….forward to a better, stronger and more ethical country and not backward to a second Gilded Age where the “robber barons” of the world (the Mitt’s, if you will) enrich themselves at our expense.  And if you needed even more proof that corporations and the 1 percenters that own and/or run them aren’t looking out for the country’s best interests, check out how much cash they are NOT investing in the U.S. right now.


  1. Great post. I totally agree. You can’t run a government exactly the way you run a business. Health care alone proved that. For example, any time a profit is based on someone else’s suffering the business model fails. Why is that concept so hard for some people to comprehend? (It’s easy to grasp if you’re the one suffering.)

    • drangedinaz says:

      Well, as Bob said in his article, not to get “too far into the psychological weeds”, but it partly comes down to empathy, or the lack thereof. Not only that, no one ever wants to talk about the ethics of profiting on the suffering of others….because Americans aren’t formally taught Ethics (I oughta know, I tried to teach it to college students for years and I was stunned at their ignorance on the subject). And add to that the “rugged individualism” taken to the extreme and voila, we get unfettered and very ugly profiteering. Other than health care, there are other govt services that also should never be run like or run by businesses such as Corrections.

  2. In my case, you’re preaching to the converted, but I still appreciate you getting the message out there, so thanks for your efforts.

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