Gov. Haley of South Carolina vetoed funds for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, along with funding for teachers salaries, sickle cell organizations, indigent defense, etc.  Notice how all those target minority populations–African Americans, women, the poor.  All South Carolina needs to do, like the country on general, is force the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.  But no, low effective tax rates for the wealthy are more important than rape victims or little uninsured black kids dying from sickle cell anemia.  Rape is distracting, says Gov. Haley.

I went to grad school in South Carolina and it was miserable for the poor and disadvantaged even during boom times.  These cuts will affect those with the weakest voice in the state government.  The state ranks 42nd in regards to per capita income.  African Americans are 28% of the population and 22% Of the legislature.  However, they have never had an African American as Governor, Lieutenant Governor and I would go so far as to say that they have never held the position of Senate Majority Leader either. It has the lowest percentage of female legislators in the nation at 9.4% (this figure is disturbingly low).    The state ranks 7th highest in the nation regarding the number of women killed by men.   It has a higher than national average rate of sexual assault and has had that dubious distinction since 1982.

Gov. Haley is the state GOP’s token.  She does their dirty work for them with a smile on her pretty face and in exchange she is given title and influence.  Palin was the harbinger of this type of conservative gender traitor and Haley is the current epitome of it.  This is your future America.  A place where no one pays taxes and people are dying in the streets.  The Tea Party will suffer less intrusion by the government.  Unfortunately, they and we will be enjoying it in a third world country.

  1. This totally sucks! And it sucks every time a person of authority sells out to the privileged only to further institutionalize suffering of the weakest and poorest.

    For a country that claims to be 76% Christian- that is the most UN-Christian thing to do. What a bunch of hypocrites. It amazes me that someone like your Governor, and those equal in Pharaoh mentality to her, can rest their heads on their pillows at night knowing they have contributed to the suffering and no doubt death of the poorest of the poor.

    • drangedinaz says:

      I know! I was raised Southern Baptist and the Jesus that I learned about would never have tolerated the kinds of policies being pushed by female Republican governors and candidates (and the male ones too for that matter). To be Christian is supposed to mean “charitable to those less fortunate without judgement”. Sadly, Haley and many, many others choose only those parts of the Bible that fits into their view of things and enforces their own power.

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