Panderosity TM noun 1. When a politican panders to the lowest, craziest and/or most extreme members of his party in order to win their support even if the beliefs of those extremists violate both the nation’s and the candidate’s self-stated values.

Mittens has a new man crush.  He’s gone from swooning over Trump’s hair piece to the long, skanky locks of someone who needs little introduction, Ted Nugent.  Oh, you don’t know him?  He’s the washed up rocker from the 70’s that called Hillary Clinton a “worthless b*tch” and the President a “piece of sh*t” with a machine gun in hand.  His diatribe ended with a loud shout of “FREEDOM!”  I bet Ron Paul followers heard it across the nation….a dog whistle for die-hard libertarians everywhere.  After all, conservatives can never resist the siren call of  any phrase containing the following elements:  the term “freedom”, juvenile name calling, misogyny, and the brandishing of an automatic weapon.  The people applauding and cheering him on in the audience are some true patriots (of loonyville).

Well it turns out the Nugent has more to add to the national discussion in regards to the recent SCOTUS ruling on the ACA.  Evidently he thinks we would have been better off as a nation if the South had won the Civil War.  Really? REALLY?!  How can Romney sleep at night after pandering to someone like Nugent?  Ewwww, I feel I need a shower after reading about it.



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