There is a ton of hate online about Atty Gen Holder. In comments I am seeing people go so far as to demand he be hanged (lynching in 2012, really?) or raped in prison. Wow, just wow. Below is a response I posted to a bunch of noodleheads who insist that Holder was intimately aware of the details of Fast and Furious while it was going on and that think the President is trying to hide something by evoking Executive Privilege.

I used to be in law enforcement and know many, many federal officers so I am more informed than the average person in regards to how things work at DOJ. Holder knew about the operation, of course he did but in a very top level kind of way. I mean, you expect Holder to know the day to day details of the 30 different sub-agencies within the DOJ that comprise hundreds, maybe thousands, of operations being staffed by 30,000+ employees? Really?

In reality, what Holder wouldn’t have known is the day to day details and that’s where the operation actually failed. And if Holder should be held accountable for the crappy plan that was put in place under previous administration and then finished under Holder’s tenure, then fine, hold him accountable properly. Contempt of Congress is not the proper way to do that. I believe the proper way is to set up an Independent Counsel to investigate. but Congress didn’t do that because “there is no there, there”. Plus, it would not produce results until after the November election so the opportunity to make political hay wouldn’t be there.

Furthermore, if Congress wants to punish Holder use the applicable documents, the ones that detail just how the Operation got screwed. And Holder has supplied everything in regards to that, literally everything Congress asked for. So if he is so guilty, why would he give them everything relevant to how Fast and Furious totally screwed up? And he doesn’t deny it was colossal cluster. And why did Congress not use that info to punish him? Again, no evidence that Holder himself knew the details until the poop had already hit the fan.

If you read the article I point to you will find out that Congress found nothing to prosecute Holder with in the thousands and thousands of pages of documents that detail exactly how the Operation failed–and it was a mess. Why? because he did nothing wrong. The subsequent request for documents after the Operation is over is 1) a fishing expedition and 2) a purposeful trap for the White House. Congress knows very well those documents aren’t relative to the investigation, they know they contain advisers exchanges with the President, they know some of those documents contain info about agents still in the field, and they know that the President would be screwed no matter what he does. If he had released the documents he’d look weak AND he would be betraying trust with his advisers (something Presidents never do) AND he would be putting agents in the field at risk. If he claimed Executive Privilege, we get the current Circus Act. They knew the President would choose Executive Privilege, how could he not? Again, every modern President has refused such documents to Congress, including GW Bush, because Presidents always want to protect the sanctity of private communications between themselves and their advisers…So there is plenty of historical evidence to back this up and for the most part, the Supreme Court has supported the Executive’s right to keep that kind of communication privileged.

If you think Holder should be held accountable, even though there is no way he knew the day to day details of the operation until it exploded into a crisis, then contact your Congress critters and tell them to do it properly, with a proper investigation. But this grandstanding bullpucky from the GOP is ridiculous and it’s political. I really hope this does go to the Supreme Court. I think you all will be surprised that SCOTUS will uphold Executive Privilege rights in this case AND in the end, Holder will not be prosecuted because he did nothing wrong. Those that ran the operation, that’s a different story.

  1. Grandstanding bullpucky – love it! You have a way with words. 😉

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