Dont know if you have been paying attention to the fact that the Eric Holder is under threat of being held in contempt by Congress for actually doing his job. Holder has turned over thousands of documents to the Witch Hunt Committee headed up by Darrell Issa. Basically Holder will not turn over documents that exposé active investigations and the agents involved. This is a standard practice of the DOJ and has always, to my knowledge, been understood as accepted by Congress as compliant with the law. I guess the difference is this is a Presidential election and the GOP is desperate to get the blackity-black man out of their awhile House. Pres. Obama really had no choice but to use Executive Privilege to protect those investigations and agents. It’s the first time he has used it. Compare that Pre. GW who used it at least three times.

Here’s a great article on how much crap Issa and his henchmen are full of and how a lot of the stuff we have been hearing about the “Fast and Furious” operation are outright lies….perhaps real journalism isn’t dead!

  1. Sounds like business as usual for the GOP in which no tactic is too despicable, distorted, disgusting and dirty for them to use, to get back into power and advance their toxic right wing nut agenda.

  2. drangedinaz says:

    You would think the American people would catch on, eventually, right? right? LOL

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