Game of Thrones: too damn little

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Entertainment, Personal
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So the second season of Game of Thrones ended last night and I am bereft.  It will be another year before I get to journey with these much beloved characters.  Even though I already know how the story progresses in the books, this TV version compacts the books many, many plots into an incredibly tight weave.

What with only 9 or 10 episodes a season, the writers are trying to accomplish an enormous amount in very little time.  Not that I blame them since the production of period pieces is extremely expensive.  And make no mistake about it this is a period piece, but it isn’t a period in Earth’s history, but a magical one from the genius of George R. R. Martin’s mind.  There have been plot changes and there are missing characters but in the end I feel that they’ve done a good job of communicating a story of incredible breadth and depth.

I was actually moved to tears in this final episode, “Valar  Morghulis”, in scenes that didn’t exist in the books or at least scenes that were hinted at but not described.  In any case, my favorite characters remain Tyrion and Arya, and I suspect next year that will continue to be the case.  If I could request any change at all it would to see more depth from Jon Snow’s  character.  The actor who plays him is gorgeous but the role requires him to be much more than just eye candy.  I am hoping that Season 3 gives him that opportunity.

Perhaps while I am waiting I will rewatch Season 1 and 2, write up my thoughts on them and post them here.  Not that my paltry two cents makes any difference in the grand scheme of things, but what the hell.  If you’re not a fan, check out the books, A Song of Fire and Ice.  I am betting you will get hooked too.

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