I know that many bloggers complain of not having enough to write about but I have recently had the opposite problem. I have so much going on personally and am seeing so much going on publicly that I hardly know where to start. The insanity of daily Arizona politics alone is overwhelming. I think I will settle for some lists of links with what I hope is my pithy commentary.

1. Why is Mittens, who pooh-poohed Birterism last week, hanging out and accepting money from Trump, who declared, and I quote, “He said he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia…” This is like saying you don’t support racism one week and the next week going to a fundraiser on your behalf given by David Duke.

2. An article/review by Brad DeLong of a book written by moderate conservatives is worth the read. The book laments the extremism that has taken over the Republican Party. DeLong takes them to task in awesome form. Here’s a sample:

You two are expecting normal politics to rein in a Republican Party gone bonkers extreme. But it will not work. The press corps will continue to say “he said, she said, yadda yadda yadda” either because they are gutless cowards or because they are bought. In a world of low-information voters, the bonkers extremism and sheer total meanness of the Republican Party will not get through.

3. Citizens for a Better Arizona staged a protest at Sheriff Arpaio’s office asking for their taxpayer funded vacations to Hawaii. Somehow I doubt that Joe got the message.

4. Some asshole is putting mini-bombs into flashlights that are getting donated to non-profits in the valley. I don’t know if they are mistakenly ending up at the non-profits or if they are being targeted. I feel bad for the volunteers though. They shouldn’t lose a hand when they are giving up their free time to charities who desperately need their help.

1. My former kitty, Dusty, has settled into her new home quite nicely. Per ThymeZone: Dusty update: She’s doing fine. Adjusted almost immediately. Is playing a little hard to get with the male cat but they will be fast friends in no time. Dusty spends a good deal of her time either in my lap, or sleeping next to my head when I am sleeping.

2. So much for a recuperative weekend….my poor daughter has been dry heaving and crying since she arrived yesterday. I am the official hair holder and face wiper. It is a measure of how much I love her because were she not my child I would have offered her a trash can and slept in another room. I am too squeamish around such things normally to be of any use. Love can make us reach beyond ourselves, sometimes.

3. Even though I sold and donated a good deal of my possessions I still have too much stuff for our tiny apartment. Therefore, the culling shall continue until we are right-sized.

  1. alopecia says:

    Sorry to hear about Meghan. Any idea what caused the problem?

    On a less-important topic, even George Will is aghast at some of Mitt Romney’s prominent endorsers, including The Donald:
    And when you’ve lost George Will, you’ve lost … well, one of a dozen or so interchangeable gasbags who infest Sunday morning television.

    • Drangedinaz says:

      I’m not sure why she is feeling so bad. The doctors gave her an antibiotic saying it was bacterial because her lymph nodes were swollen. But getting her to keep the antibiotic down has been challenging.

      George Will is a pompous ass completely willing to subsume his self respect for the purposes of supporting GOP candidates. So the fact that he is calling out the relationship with Trump is interesting.

  2. petunia says:

    I enjoy your blog. On a non-political note: I’m probably in about the same boat; will soon have to move from a comfortable house to a cheap apartment. When you said you culled your possessions: how did you do it, craigslist? I hate to part with things that are near and dear but I’m afraid it will be necessary. BTW, I also have 2 cats and will have to decide on one to take with me. This is heartbreaking. Any hints on how you have adjusted to smaller living quarters would sure be appreciated.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I did a series of Garage Sales every Sunday for two or three weeks that I advertised on Craigslist a few days ahead of time. Saturdays are better but I had other things I had to do on Saturdays. Be specific in your post about what you will have for sale. I also donated a lot of stuff and took a receipt for my taxes. Since I won’t have the mortgage interest deduction, I will need all the write offs I can get on my taxes. Also, some charities will do pick ups of large items such as furniture. I also advertised at work, letting all my colleagues know, quite a few stopped by. In re: to the cats, I got lucky and was able to find someone in the Phoenix area for my kitty. I found them through one of my favorite blogs that puts out what they call a “Cat Bleg”. The site is balloon-juice.com–the poster that does the Cat Blegs is Anne Laurie. They have thousands of regular visitors and if you are in a major metropolitan area there is sure to be someone who can help or actually take the kitty. If you end up giving the cat to the Humane Society and they are still young, they MIGHT get adopted. But if they aren’t still young, odds are they will euthanize him or her. Try friends, family, work colleagues, etc. If your kitty is a purebreed, there might be a rescue society out there for that breed, so do an Internet search for that. I’m sorry to say that’s all the that I know about the kitty issue. And finally in regards to smaller living quarters….it’s not easy since I still have boxes and there is no storage in my apt. You can check to see if your apt complex has storage for rent (mine did but I couldn’t afford it). Some of them do. If not, see what storage places are local and what is their cheapest, smallest space. If you can’t afford anything like that then get creative…there are lots of ways to make use of space (put winter clothes under your bed, use shelves–properly anchored to studs–to hold baskets of things, use bunk beds for your kids, add some storage drawers underneath your coffee table, etc). If worse comes to worse, and you have some boxes with sentimental items you can’t bear to get rid of and can’t store anywhere out of sight, then throw a table cloth over them and use them as an end table or something….in small spaces, you just have to get creative and think differently. Sorry I can’t give much better advice than that. Good luck to you in your transition. Remember, it will get better.

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