It didn’t surprise me to hear that Sheriff Arpaio sent a Deputy and volunteer to Hawaii (on the taxpayer dime) to verify the President’s birth certificate.  Now a normal, sane person would ask why would a county Sheriff in AZ, who doesn’t have jurisdiction, do such a ridiculous thing?

Well it could be a few reasons.  First, Arpaio, ever the publicity whore, didn’t like it when AZ Secretary of State Bennett decided to out-crazy him and demand proof of the President’s birth certificate. Hawaiian officials politely told Bennett to get stuffed since they had already answered that question a bazillion times AND added that Bennett did not have the authority to demand the original birth certificate. It is strange to me that the same people that have accepted the exact same procedure for previous presidents (i.e., having health department or vital stats officials attest to the fact that they have an original and trustworthy birth certificate on file) but refuse to accept the results of the same procedure for Pres. Obama. I wonder why they keep questioning it? /snark.

I find it equally strange that “birthers” are also ignoring the fact that the former AZ Secretary of State, now Governer, Jan Brewer accepted the word of Hawaiian officials in 2008. That established a legal precedent that they are conveniently ignoring. Arpaio, Bennett and other Birthers are in effect saying that both Hawaii officials and Brewer lied in 2008 and are lying now. No wonder Hawaiian officials are getting irritated.

In any case, after Secretary Bennett made an ass out of himself and had made AZ once again the laughinstock of the nation, Arpaio decided he would turn the stupidity up to 11 and actually send someone to Hawaii to flash their badge and demand to see the original. It was, of course, in vain. If the Secretary of State didn’t have jurisdiction, Arpaio certainly wouldn’t have any. Again, these silly demands were rebuffed.

The second reason Arpaio did this was simply to divert attention from the Federal indictment that will soon have his name on it. The third and last reason would be that it will encourage more right wing extremists to support Arpaio. Their reasoning will be something like this- ‘this indictment is just persecution of Arpaio because He got too close to the truth regarding the birth certificate’. Arpaio has been setting the groundwork for this kind of ‘defense’ for a couple of years now. Take a look at this timeline of his birther activity amidst the news of the Federal investigation.

So I am not surprised by Arpaio’s behavior since he’s been publicly planning this all along. What is a surprise to me is that other members of the AZ GOP aren’t publicly condemning Arpaio. Where are our senior statesmen Senators Kyl and McCain? Where is the Governor? I understand why local officials haven’t stood up to Joe. When local officials did try to reign him in he harassed and falsely accused them of crimes….actually ruining their lives. But there is no way that Arpaio could intimidate these more powerful figures. So why aren’t they saying or doing something to stop this nonsense?

I will tell you why. These more influential and powerful Republicans want Arpaio to continue his crazy investigation because it rallies their base, it harasses the President and distracts voters from real issues during an election year, and they can appear to keep their hands clean of the scandal. A win-win for them. Too bad it’s not a win for the country.

  1. It’s hard to believe grown adults who should know better are still caught up in this non-issue. As for our illustrious statesmen, are they so caught up in their high-power world they don’t realize how Arizona looks to the rest of the country? Oy.

    • drangedinaz says:

      I think Bennett realized how stupid he looked and that was why he apologized. However I want to see him now verify Romney’s birth certificate. Otherwise he was singling out the black candidate as a representative of the Birthers’ skepticism and paranoia which has its roots in racism.

  2. alopecia says:

    I guess the Hawaii Department of Health got tired of poking Ken Bennett with a stick:

    And Bennett is tired of being poked:

    Which is kind of too bad. I was enjoying watching Bennett make a fool of himself.

    I haven’t heard yet whether the Inane Clown Posse has returned to the Land of the Blazing Stupid or whether they’ll continue to pester Hawaii officials for a few more days—in between runs to Roy’s, of course. My money’s on the latter.

    That’s an … erm … interesting state you live in.

    • drangedinaz says:

      It’s just crazy and you know it won’t satisfy the Birthers. The “verification” that Hawaii sent is the same thing they have produced for everyone else who had the legal right who asked. These racists just can’t accept that the President is a citizen. It is pretty sad actually.

      And along those lines, I am wondering how long it will be before Bennett verifies that Mitt Romney is a citizen. After all, by birther standards he should be disqualified too since his father was born in Mexico (the same father that ran for the GOP nomination for the Presidency). I am so sick of this insanity and the cynical manipulation of the birthers’ paranoia by Arpaio and others.

      • alopecia says:

        Oh, absolutely. Nothing will ever convince the birfers they’re wrong.

        “After all, by birther standards he should be disqualified too since his father was born in Mexico (the same father that ran for the GOP nomination for the Presidency).”

        “Birther standards.” Those two words should never appear in the same sentence.

        More seriously—if only slightly—Mitt Romney is exempt from the birfer nonsense because he’s a white Republican. The loony-bin escapees will instead question Romney’s religion, sotto voce if he wins the election, loudly enough to drown out a jackhammer if he loses.

  3. If I was King of the World, any and all birthers (even the name is ridiculous!) would be forced to wear their underwear on their heads in public, for an entire year. Because wearing their underwear on their heads in public, would make them look only slightly more ridiculous than they already look right now – to any sane and rational person observing them.

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