I am still crazy busy preparing for the move this weekend so here’s a bunch of quick thoughts:

1. The poor town of Crown King was severely damaged just last year by wild fires and now it’s in the crosshairs again. As of last night, the Gladiator fire was 0% contained.

2. I stand corrected on my assertion that George Zimmerman, accused of shooting unarmed teenager Treyvon Martin, had no visible injuries. Evidence presented during his trial does corroborate the fight that he claims took place. That doesn’t, however, prove Zimmerman’s innocence.

3. Smoke from all of the wildfires was blowing into Phoenix Monday of this week but the wind has shifted and is now blowing it away from us. However, it isn’t enough wind to blow away the horrid brown smog that blankets the city at this time of the year (see the image below). As I was driving into work today my eyes were so irritated that I couldn’t even put on make-up. This place makes me sick sometimes, literally and figuratively.

Phoenix Smog

Phoenix Smog

4. The title of a story on AZCentral.com pissed me off. It says, “Gilbert shooting victim declined to file for protection”. Is there some particular reason the Arizona Republic decided to go with a story lede that focuses on what a murder victim failed to do versus what the murderer actually did? Why not say, “Gilbert shooter’s history of violence” or “Gilbert shooter’s behavior increasingly violent” or “J.T. Ready’s domestic violence history” or “The hidden side of Gilbert Shooter” or etc, etc, etc….I could come up with about 20 different ledes for this story. But no, they had to use a lede that is phrased in such a way as to be victim-centric and victim-blaming. It appears that the story is actually trying to educate people on how to get orders of protection and other related issues. If that’s the case, why not title it something like, “Victims of violence have options” or “Gilbert shooting illustrates need for Protection Orders”, again, about a dozen other ledes would have been better. Maybe I am just being nitpicky…..

5. Arizona reigns supreme in slimy politics. The race for Tempe Mayor got so heated, that one of the candidates, the Republican (go figure) accused the other, a Democrat, of child molestation. Wow….They’re counting the votes as we speak.

6. Now the most important news of the day, IMHO, is the fact that I found a good home for my aging kitty, Dusty. A very nice couple who lives her in Phoenix has agreed to adopt her. This is a huge relief after having talked to the Humane Society yesterday, whose representative reduced me to tears with the bad knews that my kitty would surely be put to sleep. Thanks to Anne Laurie, poster over at Balloon Juice, who broadcast my plea for an adoptive family and the wonderful people who responded that they would take Dusty, she has yet another chance at a long life.

That’s all the news from the state of D. Ranged for now!

  1. Good luck with your move! So happy your kitty has a home. 🙂

  2. Ty Emzone says:

    Also, you will have full visitation rights to your kitty any time you want. Feel free to drop by whenever you want to see her. From the pix, it looks like you might work or spend time in our neighborhood, so the arrangements will be easy. See you Saturday.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Thank you! 🙂

    • paula Swinson says:

      What a saint you are. The world needs more people who are kind to animals. You and your wife are to be congratulated. Do you have children? If you do, they are indeed lucky to have such kind parents. Surely you set an example for the whole world.

  3. Betsy Ansel says:

    She’s beautiful. I think she will be a wonderful addition to our family. 🙂 As Ty just stated, you will definitely see her again. She will be just fine. Good luck in your move.

    • drangedinaz says:

      She seemed content in her new home. And I know she will be thrilled when she discovers the screened in porch area where she can watch and listen to the birds. Thank you, again.

    • paula Swinson says:

      I wrote to ‘Ty’ that the world is indeed lucky to have such saintly people. Your husband must be very special indeed to open your home to yet another feline in need. What an example you are setting. There’s a special place in heaven for people like you.

  4. Betsy Ansel says:

    You’re very welcome.

  5. Ty Emzone says:

    Thymezone Says:

    Dusty update: She’s doing fine. Adjusted almost immediately. Is playing a little hard to get with the male cat but they will be fast friends in no time. Dusty spends a good deal of her time either in my lap, or sleeping next to my head when I am sleeping. I am basically a cat whisperer and cats often attach themselves to me. Either that, or I smell like a mackerel. Either way, they hang around me.

    Yesterday the two cats spent most of the day just hanging around each other, and I never heard so much as a hiss or growl. So that’s pretty good.

    The addition of a third cat, mentioned heretofore, may be iffy at this point. The cat’s plans to move have been suspended for the time being. So for now we are a two cat family.

    • Drangedinaz says:

      I just read your comment to my daughter and she is very happy to hear (as am I) that Dusty is getting along so well. She really is quite the people lover so brace yourself for the onslaught of purring and canoodling. :). Give her a big hug for us. I will give you all a shout in a couple of weeks when my daughter has recovered from the flu so we can come visit Ms. Dusty.

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