Not only is it dead, those self-styled  journalists who survived it’s demise were the ones that killed it.  I stumbled across this article today:–abc-news-politics.html

Here’s a quote from that article near the beginning:

Hillary Clinton made major headlines on her trip through Asia, while she managed to avert a full out diplomatic crisis between America and China over a blind dissident and pressed India to reduce its oil imports from that rogue nation Iran.

What does the rest of the article focus on? Secretary Clinton’s appearance. Yep, that’s it. So she went overseas and did a fantastic job and what our glorious MSM thinks is important to focus on is whether she has base makeup on or the fact that her hair is “uncoiffed”. WTF is going on! Not only is this very sexist, it’s just stupid.

  1. Good for Hillary, though, for laughing it off and not caring. Sometimes I think elections, public life, etc. were much more fair before TV, before everyone could judge appearances.

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