My life is crazy busy….after the garage sale on Sunday, I had the pleasure of dealing with a flood in the master bath and bedroom.  But I wanted to at least do a run down of the crazy stuff going on in Arizona.  So enjoy!

  • A legislative committee passed an amendment that says taxpayers will repay former Senator Russell Pearce for the money he spent on the recall election, which he lost.  This will cost us $261,000 and it will all be profit for Pearce because the money he spent wasn’t his to begin with.  Every cent of it was donated by supporters (in and out of state GOP interests).  I am at a loss as to why we need to pay him back.  Too bad the Dems have so little power.  Otherwise I would recommend that they propose a bill that would force Pearce to repay the state for every miserable day he wasted our time while he was it the Senate AND reimburse the state the millions we are shelling out to defend SB1070, which he helped to write, in Federal Court AND give money to help all the businesses who lost business due to SB1070.  I’m betting that Pearce has done more damage to the state’s economy and its citizens than the residents of Mesa did to him (or at least his benefactors) in the entirely justified recall.
  • The murder-suicide of J.T. Ready made national news last week.  Well there were a few 911 calls and authorities have released a couple of them.  They are, quite frankly, harrowing.  So all the people who were so eager to absolve Ready and blame Mexican drug cartels without any evidence whatsoever can now officially STFU.  Ready was an angry, mean thug.
  • There has been some progress in the lawsuits over Prop. 203, Medical Marijuana.  A citizen sued accusing the Governor of failing to fully implement the law and the Court agreed.  The citizen also wanted a ruling on the State’s requirement of dispensaries to have a Medical Director oversee them.  On the one hand, this requirement would raise the cost of running a dispensary. On the other hand, it would help insure that abuse is less likely to occur.  In any case thy are starting to FINALLY implement the darn law and the State is considering expanding the conditions that could qualify for medical marijuana to include PTSD, depression, migraines, and anxiety.
  • Dale Hausner, a serial shooter convicted of murder and sentenced to death 6 times, is in the process of appealing.  This is one guy who I wouldn’t shed a tear for when they execute him.  I know it is pretty “unliberal” of me to say so, but some people IMHO deserve it.
  • When I originally wrote about how the crazy grows so well in Arizona soil, I spoke of corruption (and the seeming rash of crazy that has been sweeping over state legislators all over the country.  Michelle, a fellow blogger and commenter, mentioned ALEC, which is something I forgot to mention.  Here’s a link if you’re interested and I am writing something more detailed about it for this blog.  More to come on ALEC.
  • Remember the Ethnic Studies ban that was forced on the Tucson School District?  I heard on the radio something the other day about a new potential law suit by supporters of the Ethnic Studies program. It sounded promising.
  • Planned Parenthood (PP) was recently defunded here in AZ but the non-profit has brought a promising First Amendment lawsuit against the state of Texas that could also apply to their defunding here.  Basically, PP is saying that the state absolutely has the right to tell organizations that run government funded programs in particular locations how that money can be used (i.e., not for abortions), but they cannot tell the larger organization that they cannot take a stand o the issue of abortion nor who PP can associate with (such as doctors, clinics, etc, who do support abortion). The judge in the Texas case believes it will be a successful argument (so do I) and has issued an injunction against PP’s defunding.  A small victory with a lot of promise for other states.
  1. the taxpayers have to repay Russell Pearce??? Seriously, how do they get away with that shit?

    • drangedinaz says:

      The Republicans have a supermajority in both the house and the senate, so they can do anything they want. In fact on almost every controversial bill proposed and passed since they took control has been votes straight down party lines. So long as members of the GOP vote in lockstep, there is nothing the Dems can do to stop them. So “how can they get away with this”? Because Arizona voters are a) not paying attention or b) just as conservative as the Legislature and purposely voted them in or c) they didn’t realize how extreme these people would be when they voted them in. I suspect that it is b, unfortunately.

      • I guess I would have thought “c,” because I can’t believe people would knowingly vote in these people if they had any idea what they really stood for. That’s naive, I guess. And another question is what do those legislators get out it? Are they currying favor with Pearce? What for? I used to think I could move to Wisconsin and live in a blue state, but they are not faring much better. 🙂

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