The D’Ranged Wino

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Personal, Wine Review

Red Moscato, Barefoot  Vineyards, California (2010) – I have really been into sweeter wines but I found this one loathsome.  It tasted overwhelmingly like cherry soda.  Which would have been fine if I wanted a cherry soda, but I was expecting wine.  I’m sure there is a market out there for such wines, but that market won’t include me.

+ Sofia Reisling, from Francis Coppola Vineyards (2010) – from Monterey County, CA.  If you’re wondering yes this is THAT Coppola family (of The Godfather fame).  This wine was surprisingly okay.  The thing that really stood out about it was the very strong perfume of it and its dryness.  Dryness is not something I usually expect from a Reisling but that’s probably because I’ve been spoiled by the incredibly rich and satisfying wines of this type from Washington State and the Alsace-Lorraine region in Europe.  Nevertheless, Coppola has made good wine and its affordable.  Pair it with something fruity and spicy, and perhaps salty.

  1. mhasegawa says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try the Reisling.

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