Famous author, Stephen King wrote an essay reaming Republicans for their anti-tax stance.  What I wouldn’t give to write like he does.  It is worth a read.

  1. mhasegawa says:


  2. Amen +10. He’s my biggest inspiration, glad to hear you like his writing too 🙂

  3. Kita Kazoo says:

    I don’t understand why these rich people have to be forced to pay their fair share of taxes. They can cut a check, to any department they want to at any time or they could use the short form?

    • drangedinaz says:

      I think the point is that people are by nature greedy and the 1% of 1% who will voluntarily write a check or fill out the short form isn’t enough to help society to keep going. Those who hoard their wealth, and make no mistake it is hoarding, aren’t going to voluntarily contribute. That’s why taxes have the force of law behind them……far too many people want the benefits of society (roads, bridges, Medicare, police, firemen, zoning, border patrol, etc, etc) without having to contribute anything to it. The old “cake and eat it too” syndrome. That’s what Stephen King is saying, tax him and people like him because he is the 1 out of a hundred who will volunteer, and the other 99 are greedy shits who won’t.

      • Kita Kazoo says:

        Oh, I agree that most of the wealthy are shameful insecure hoarders and will have to be forced.

        It is a shame that paying your fair share of taxes isn’t a form of patriotic pride. As it is, the rich brag about how little they can get away with paying and everyone else wants to emulate that. Our society doesn’t seem to see how corrupting that attitude is and how our public services are eroding as we are increasing tax burdens on children not even born yet.

        I just wish the rich who would pay higher taxes willingly would be willing to speak with their check books as much as their mouths.

  4. Of course they can. The point he’s making is that he shouldn’t have to volunteer to pay for government services because he’s rich – he should be taxed accordingly with his income. Sure, the rich give to charity, but that doesn’t pay for cops or teachers or roads or even the money-eating-monster that national security has become.

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