Did you see this video?  I have to hand it to Rachel Maddow.  I would have reamed Alex Castelannos a new ahole for such condescending treatment.  These two reps of the GOP are either being purposely disinguenous (i.e., lying) or they actually do believe their own set of facts.  There is and always has been since these kinds of studies began an imbalance in the pay for men and women for equal work, regardless of age, regardless of profession, regardless of education, etc.  The fact that Republican politicians and pundits on the national scene are now saying that their set of facts trump what has been solidly proven by a mountain of evidence (remind you of their rejection of climate science?) just irritates the crap out of me.  I’m all for skepticism but skepticism MUST be followed up with scientific investigation before you make up your mind.    

Did you know that over a 1,000 legislative acts regarding women’s reproductive health have been proposed in the last couple of years?  This is more than we have had since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973.  I am not buying the Republican argument that they care about Bread and Butter issues of the American woman.  They are saying that they care but their actions show us what they are really focusing on and unfortunately it’s our lady parts.  If uou are asking what this has to do with Romney….just listen, watch and read all the things he said he supported in the primaries….most of it would hurt the average working woman.  Heck, with his policies we would no longer have the choice to stay home, we would be forced to.  I’m not having it, are you?  If you are a woman and you are incensed by this video, for the love of all that is holy get out there in November and VOTE for politicians that support your right to work, to have proper healthcare, to make your own medical decisions, to keep full-day kindergarten so you can work, etc.  Being silent on these issues is not an option right now.

  1. Aaaaaaaa I had to stop it at 12 minutes. Five times they dismissed any facts as being manipulation and or distraction from the ‘real issue.’ I hate people.

  2. I actually watched Meet the Press on Sunday. I don’t like condescending Alex Castellanos anyway, but I couldn’t believe he was being so outright rude, and to one of my favorite people. So hard to believe some people still try put down and subjugate others (in this particular case, women), even when they are doing it right in front of me. It boggles my 21st century mind.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Yeah It still amazes me. I had a colleague at work, a young (late 20s or early 30s) white man, actually say that sexism isn’t really that bad any more. I almost said that until he grew a uterus what the hell did he know. That might have gotten me in trouble so I bit my tongue.

      • Kita Kazoo says:

        My nephew was complaining that women get too many breaks in life…
        What planet are these men living on?

        • drangedinaz says:

          They are living on a planet where their fathers, peers, teachers, role models and some women tell them that women are ok and have all of the advantages. Until he sees it, repeatedly, for himself or he has a wife or daughter suffer from such treatment he will not understand. It’s up to us as women to educate the men in our lives, the young and the old, to see what is really going on so they aren’t vulnerable to disinformation strategies.

  3. Great video. It’s amazing how people deny the reality they see before their eyes or how someone blatantly denies the reality of another person when that person has just revealed their reality.

    It seems the interaction of these people reflect the bigger picture. We have two entirely different camps with two entirely different belief systems. It reminds me of the PBS Civil War documentary that aired last fall. When the south ran out of men the women sent their young boys in to stop the Union troops. Seeing 13 year old boys dead in the trenches was a powerful image to me because I have a 13 year old boy. (This goes against every protective God-given motherly instinct in my body)
    To change a belief system is extremely difficult. The Confederate mothers had such an entrenched belief system that they were willing to send their boys into danger and would rather see them die fighting for that belief system than to give in to the Union and all it stood for. I’m wondering if we have something similar going on here?

    Domestic violence counselors have a pie chart that slices up all the types of abuses that occur in an abusive situation. The obvious ones are physical violence, psychological violence etc. But one piece of the pie is ECONOMIC abuse. There is huge economic abuse of women in this country and certain people are in complete denial of that.

    In closing….the most recent world-wide stats that I read were: Women do 66% of the world’s work, women produce 50% of the world’s food, women make 10 % of the world’s income and women own 1% of the world’s real estate. But I am sure some will say that is not true and deny the facts of this world wide study.

    • drangedinaz says:

      On the other hand I am heartened by the fact that many aid organizations and charities have finally figured this out and are getting better at targeting the economic welfare of women and children in male dominated 3rd world countries in order to improve the economic welfare of families in general. Studies show that there are three things that actually help raise women out of the vicious cycle of subsistence living. First by giving them some kind of means to make money and/or feed their family on their own without assistance from their man. Second giving them access to healthcare and as part of that contraception (this idea resisted by their men, the Catholic Church and even by our foreign aid under Pres. Bush). Third, educating them about their rights and community resources available to them. Once the men in their lives see the economic improvement for their family they usually, but not always, back off and accept the changes. Perhaps that is the problem here in the US…women may not earn much but we earn enough to keep many families out of poverty. So American males tolerate us just enough to let us work our asses off and keep them fed, but not enough to let us be fully equal nor fully free.

      And in regards to the separate facts…I think you are spot on. I have, over the last couple of years, come to believe that the purposeful misleading of Americans regarding science and the established facts such as climate change, the inequality of women, etc, if it continues at its current pace will split us in two again. It is not only like the divison that led up to the Civil War, it is a direct result of the ill will left over from the Civil War and Reconstruction that has made too many Americans vulnerable to this kind of manipulation. It’s a combination of the Southern Strategy and the dumbing down of the American voter for the purposes of domination. Sadly the misuse of women’s equality is being used as a tool in this larger strategy.

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