This, a thousand times, this!  Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night  showing what the War on Women is really about.  Thank you, yet again, Mr. Stewart.  I am not worthy.


Battle for the War on Women

  1. D.R. says:

    While I find Jon Stewart to be funny, and I found this video to be funny, I don’t see how he truly showed what the “War on Women” is really about. Are you (or Jon Stewart) asserting that Fox News’s characterization of the news is necessarily the views of most Americans? I’ve always wondered if that’s true. Sure, Fox News has the most viewers who watch national news, but without knowing the percentage of those who actually watch national news regularly, it might not be a very meaningful comparison. My experience, sadly, is that most people watch virtually NO news, which is also bad….

    • drangedinaz says:

      “Are you (or Jon Stewart) asserting that Fox News’s characterization of the news is necessarily the views of most Americans?”

      Actually I don’t know if Fox News reflects the opinions of the average American. All I have is anecdotal evidence that everyone I know that watches Fox News repeats what they say almost verbatim, particularly in political conversations. So anecdotal evidence is poor at best and not something I would rely on to make such a supposition.

      But I don’t think it has any bearing on Jon Stewart’s point. The main point of his show is to make fun of the media and that culture. Secondary bonus is that what comes out of it is brilliant satire that touches on social and political issues. So the first thing the piece communicates effectively is the hypocrisy of Fox News for using the hyperbole of the term war for things that are essentially not a big deal compared to issues that are a big deal such as state laws forcing women to undergo ultrasounds, many of which will have to be by necessity, transvaginal. I have to tell you that if a doctor tried to do something like that to me I would fight tooth and nail. Somebody would end up in the hospital and somebody would probably got to jail. For me this is one of those lines that I will not let the state cross, my Rubicon, so to speak. It’s the kind of thing for which I would risk everything to oppose.

      The deeper meaning about how society at large feels about such things, which you are taking from it, I did not imply nor directly assert. Certainly there is the intention for a deeper understanding of the situation, but that is the whole point of satire–to spur society, to be the gadfly that makes us pause for deeper reflection and if warranted for correction. And Americans, as you yourself note, are not good at pausing to pay attention to what is really going on. The American populace tends to want pithy, bumper sticker answers, which as you know, have little to do with the complexities of real life.

      That all being said, here is what I know to be true (as in I have facts to back up). The November 2010 midterm had high turnout by motivated voters, namely Tea Party members and right-wing evangelicals. Liberals, moderates and independents mostly stayed home. The result was a wave of new state and local conservatives to tip the balance to Republican led majorities (in AZ it’s a permanent majority so elections are moot here but I digress…). Now that the first year of legislation has passed pretty much under the radar because we were transfixed by other stories, and the second year is in full swing, now we are seeing the fruit of those midterm elections. Do these laws reflect what the majority of American people think? Probably not. Does it reflect enough of a percentage to make a difference in the lives of the average American? Sadly, yes. Maybe that is part of the deeper message in Stewart’s segment….who knows what he was really thinking. It is plausible to say that Fox News reaches just enough people to do damage and IMHO the damage they are helping to cause is getting more and more serious. Forgive this analogy but it is the first thing that comes to mind…in WWII in Germany everyone wasn’t a member of the Nazi party…only about 25% of the country were active members at it’s height…yet they ruled the country and terrorized Europe. It only takes a few people to perpetrate great evil.

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