There’s been a hullabaloo lately about a CNN pundit who made a statement about Ann Romney on TV and the MSM has been spending an inordinate amount of time on the issue generally saying that this woman’s statement reflects all Democrats’ views 1 about Stay At Home (SAH) moms. Fox News is frothing at the mouth and accusing the Dems as being the ones who are really anti-woman 2 and making it seem that the pundit, a woman herself, was dissing all SAH moms3.

Don’t you believe it. And don’t let yourself get distracted by this nontroversy4 from what really matters: the dozens of new laws and proposed legislation over the last few years that are depriving women not only of their rights but also restricting their access to healthcare and violating their privacy. Here’s a list of just SOME of the most egregious ones.

Banning abortions – Arizona just passed a law that, in effect, will ban surgical abortions as early as 18 weeks, the earliest in the nation, and making medication abortions in the first few weeks of pregnancy which account for about 20% of all abortions, virtually impossible. See details here.

Forced Ultrasound Laws – Virginia has new law that requires an ultrasound before an abortion and only allows the woman to refuse the trans-vaginal type but not the regular ultrasound.  So doctors can now perform a medical procedure on pregnant women without their permission.  What would have happened if we hadn’t heard about the original bill that would have allowed doctors to be able to force a trans-vaginal without the woman’s permission?  If we had not been vigilant, the VA legislature and the Governor would have passed a bill that allowed  state sponsored rape.  We HAVE to stay vigilant.

Pennsylvania was also considering a bill that would make ultra-sounds mandatory in cases of abortion.  The state’s Governor’s response was that the bill would be okay because women can “close their eyes”.

Shaming and Defunding – Texas has legislated a procedure for shaming women who try to get abortions…read this article if you can stomach it.  This state has also defunded Planned Parenthood putting poor women who had no other means of medical care or sources for birth control in great risk.  Not to mention the fact that the state, as  a result of this action lost millions on Federal matching funds.  North Carolina is also getting into the act saying that state funds will not be used to purchase government healthcare that will cover abortion—only exceptions save mother’s life, rape or incest.  So severe cerebral palsy, defect that won’t let the child live more than a few days, etc….you’re on your own paying for it if you want an abortion because your plan won’t cover it because the state won’t pay their share.

Employee Discrimination – Arizona is considering a law now that would force women to explain to their employer why they are using contraception (since employers would be allowed to view your medical records) AND refuse to pay for health care if they think your use of  contraception violates THEIR personal religious beliefs.

Doctors Can Lie – Several states have passed (e.g., Oklahoma) and some are now considering passing (e.g., Arizona) laws that would allow a doctor to withhold information (i.e., lie to) from a female patient if the doctor thinks that information might result in the patient seeking an abortion.  So, your kid have a severe deformity and will suffer greatly if born?  Your doctor can lie to you about it and you will end up giving birth to a deformed child without any prior knowledge of the situation or the ability to weigh in on what to do about it.  Some states, like Arizona, are going so far as to say that you can’t even sue the doctor afterward.

Criminalizing Abortion – Several states like Georgia,  are considering criminalizing the act of getting or providing abortion services outside of the state’s guidelines.  So women and their doctors can go to jail.  Note this also would give a certain type of “personhood” status to fetuses–making them on equal footing with the woman–a very dangerous precedent to set.

The list goes on and on.  Go to the Team Uterati Wiki website and see how many there are and particularly how many are recent.  There’s a war on women going on, don’t make any mistake about it.  Let’s just hope American women and the men who REALLY love them won’t get distracted by the silly nontroversies created by the MSM and FOPGOX5 news.


1. The the MSM makes their reporting appear balanced by using an incident like this, a single statement made by a woman who has no connection to the President, as the example for the democrats and ignore the fact that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of incidents much worse that have been said by the right wing press  about the First Lady, Nancy Pelosi, etc.  Those pundits, commentators, radio hosts, etc often directly represent the GOP or have ties to the GOP.  This bullshit attitude of of “both sides do it” assumes an equivalence that simply does not exist and helps the right perpetuate their myth of being persecuted by the supposedly liberal media.  Rachel Maddow neatly summarizes this flawed approach to journalism and political discourse.

2. and and

3. Here’s a video of what she originally said.  She not only said that Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life” but followed that up with “she’s never really dealt with the kind of economic issues that the majority of women in this country is facing”.  And she is absolutely right.  Listen the reality of being a filthy rich women with a lot of kid is NOT the same as being a middle class or lower class woman with a lot of kids.  Not even close.  So Rosen wasn’t dissing SAH mom’s, she was dissing the Romney’s assertion that he understands the concerns of women in America because his wife does.  That’s a valid point in the debate.

4.  You can see generic definition of nontroversy here.  More specifically it is a controversy created by the right and perpetuated by the MSM in order to distract average Americans from other more important issues. The right does it because it works. See more on this term and many examples over at Matt Osborne’s site.

5. Term coined for Fox News in post linked to in post

  1. alopecia says:

    DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Here are serious policy issues that needs to be addressed.

    REPUBLICAN PARTY: Look! Over there! Shiny object!

    OUR GLORIOUS NEWS MEDIA: Oooooh! Pretty!

    I really hate our political discourse.

  2. mhasegawa says:

    Ms. Rosen hurt by giving the Foxnewsies and others a hook. This election is not about Ann Romney or whether women work inside or outside the home it is about all those things you listed.

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