The ABC Award

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Blogging, Personal

It is always nice to receive recognition from my fellow bloggers. Jeannette Monahan gave me “The Awesome Blog Content” award. I wanted to say thank you to her and to let the world know that I think her blog is pretty awesome too.

This award asks that the recipient name 26 alphabetical things about themselves and then passes it on. So here’s my list:

Allergic (to almost everything except fat, apparently)
Ethical (At least I try)
Funny (at least I amuse myself)
Independent (not politically, personality-wise)
Jack (as in “….of all trades, master of none”)
Mama (love to hear my kids call me this)
Nitpicky (yeah, I admit it)
Olefactorly challenged (as in I have a very sensitive nose)
Progressive Liberal
Telepathic (just kidding)
Victorious (have overcome a lot)
Xenolithic (hell I don’t know for this letter)
Youngest (of my full blooded siblings)
Zippy (I do everything at Warp 10)

I am passing this award to the following bloggers:

1. – lots and lots of poetry, with some contests too by a nice young Welsh gent.
2. – another youngster in the United Kingdom, he writes extremely well for someone of his tender years and I am extremely jealous. So go read his stuff so you can be jealous too.
3. – this former stand up comedienne is now a stay at home mom….hilarity definitely ensues
4. – I thought I was a voracious reader but I got nothing compared to this young lady. She reads a ton, reviews them and posts those reviews for our edification. Oh she also writes her own stuff and contributes over at The Dark Globe.
5. – an ex-pat living in dear old Ireland who blogs about her life, she is also good for a laugh

  1. Thanks for bestowing this award on me. I appreciate your kind words about my blog. I love the honestly and humor in your blog, and I look forward to checking out some of your other picks for the ABC Award. I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting things to read. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! I’m completely rubbish at passing these on, as using the iPad doesn’t seem to allow it easily. If/when I get a round tuit, I’ll have a hard time making a list that is different than yours!

    • Drangedinaz says:

      I know what you mean…it’s all I can do to post on my blog much less read that many others although I do try. And I am usually rewarded not onlynwith entertainment but also inspiration.

  3. I FINALLY posted about you giving me this award! It’s only taken me FOREVER. Sorry about that, I really do appreciate the recognition. And in return, I’m happy to sing your praises, as well. Check it out:

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