If youth knew; if age could

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Constitutional Issue, Supreme Court, Ugliness American Style
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If you ever want to giggle like a naughty schoolboy reading a dirty book in his lap during lecture, then jump over to Balloon Juice and partake of the cynical humor of “Sarah Proud and Tall”.  Here’s a funny bit from a recent post about the Supreme Court.

And yet Clarence Thomas, if he so wishes, will be on the Supreme Court till the day he dies, no matter how decrepit or deaf or bug crazy he becomes, sitting on his fat arse day in and day out on the public dollar, catching the odd three hour cat nap between intermittent bouts of comparing toy soldiers with Sammy Alito, giving Roberts wedgies, giggling behind the bench because Scalia wrote “boobs” on every page of his case brief, and conspiring to destroy the fabric of society.


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