Congratulations Arizona! You’ve finally come in first at something…you are, at least for now, the most ridiculous and most laughed at state in the nation.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday did a bit on the Mexican-America Studies Ban specifically written into legislation in order to stop the Tucson School District from teaching the course or lose millions in state funds.  I wrote about this story way back in January 2011 here and here.  Evidently our  local insanity has finally made the national stage and boy, oh boy do we look stupid.  Here’s the video:   Tuscon’s Mexican-American Studies Ban

To read this in Spanish, go here.

  1. Was there a secret Barry Goldwater DNA booster shot program in AZ to populate the state with as many far right wing reactionaries as possible? The more I learn about the political climate in AZ the more shocked I am by what’s going on there.

    But before I say anything else, I’d add that Arizona has some pretty stiff competition from other states like Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and definitely South Carolina, as far as leading the league in right wing rabidness and racism. Texas is definitely at the top for most executions per year, and in Texas school boards have been known to take American history text books and rewrite them to teach their children a version of US history that they are more comfortable with, even if the facts are not entirely accurate, and some of the truth has been edited out.

    So laughing stock of the nation could be a contested title, since there’s lots of competition. Just trying to make you feel a little bit better about the state you’re in…

    • drangedinaz says:

      Well you are correct that Texas and South Carolina give us a run for the money but it seems that we actually trade off this title ever few weeks. I believe it is Texas’ turn to act like asshats now. 😉

  2. oh my gosh – we made The Daily Show. Does the rest of the world know we are not all like that, I wonder?

  3. Just shaking my head.

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