You’re not going to believe this…then again, maybe you will.  There are people selling bumper stickers with the words “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012” (among other nasty slogans and pictures).  If you were offended by the Tea Party rally signs in 2008 showing then candidate Obama as an African tribesman with a bone through his nose, then you are sure to find any of these bumper stickers way over the line.

We always knew there would be this kind of sentiment among the underbelly of American society.  But the fact that they are so blatant about it, just blows my mind.  I’m sure these people will claim it is their First Amendment right to say what they want and I don’t dispute that at all.  What I dispute is the absolutely disgusting  nature of what you are saying.  My response to these jerks is “You sir or madam are not worthy enough to clean the floor that President Obama walks on.”

Personally, I cannot imagine slapping a sticker like that on my car and driving around with it.  Perhaps we should look at it as a blessing because before they kept their ugly thoughts pretty much inside their dark, evil hearts.  Now that they are desperate and ready to share their internal racist slime with the world it should be that much easier to combat–I hope.

This kind of evil gets passed on from one generation to the next and until decent people of all races stand up to it, it will continue.   First they came for the African Americans, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t African American.  Then they came for the Hispanics, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Hispanic. Then they came for the Atheists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an Atheist.  Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

To read this same article in Spanish, go here.

  1. I saw this first thing this morning in another blog. FFS.

  2. drangedinaz says:

    I’m sure these bumper stickers are nothing new. Sadly

  3. mhasegawa says:

    You know they came for my grandparents and parents during WWiI. Some will say this isn’t the same because we were at war. Maybe. But what is going on with the President is getting way beyond the bounds.

    Thanks for posting this. I live in MA and we don’t really see a lot of stuff like this. If people are unhappy with our African American Governor, they could have not re-elected him to a second term.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Were your parents American citizens? Many Japanese Americans were detained in WWII and eve though our Supreme Court said it was legal, a few American Presidents have apologized for it and attempts to make reparations to the surviving family members have been attempted. Ethically and legally in my opinion the U.S. Was absolutely wrong. It is never ok to suspend “habeas corpus” for our own citizens. That is how our democratic republic will tuen into a an authoritarian nightmare.

      In re: to your statement about Gov. Patrick…just because he was elected a second time does not mean that some of those people who oppose him don’t hate him for the color of his skin. I bet you would be surprised if you talked to Gov. Patrick or Pres. Obama about the racism and threats of violence they have encountered while in office, much less what they experienced before they had the protection of the state police and secret service.

      • mhasegawa says:

        Yes. I am thrid generation Japanese American.

        About Patrick: I’m sure there is racism we are just more polite about it here was my point. I have people who have read my blog and think I harp on race much too much. So I didn’t mean to say there wasn’t racism, just that it is not so overt.

        • drangedinaz says:

          Okay, I see what you mean about Gov. Patrick. I dont like it when I hear/read people say “you talk to much about race”. Usually because it’s a white person who is oblivious to it (I am very white BTW). But I grew up in the South and noticed how white people treated African-Americans and the Vietnamese refugees and my mother who was a divorced woman with six kids. It gave me a pretty good look at discrimination.

  4. I saw that bumper sticker on someones site earlier. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. People who are like that are pure scum and I am ashamed that we are still living in such a racist society – racist and ignorant, which is rather redundant since ignorance is the root of racism.

    • drangedinaz says:

      At the root of all anger and all hatred is fear. Ignorant people fear what they do not understand or have never had any experience with.

      • As a woman, of course I get sexism. Less than I used to, maybe because I’m older and not as cute as I used to be, maybe because the world has actually improved. But any woman who ever lived has experienced this, and it will never make sense to me that any woman could be rasict after what she’s been through. I’m ‘white’ so I do probably have had ‘priveldges’ that others deserve equally but are lacking. But I’m also mostly Irish, so I know that in my history there was racism against my ancestors (and recently in Austrailia – ‘no Irish’ was posted on a Craigslist advert). But… maybe we’re just the ones who aren’t so scared of the new and different? I know the older most people get, the less they care for the new or change.

        • drangedinaz says:

          Yeah I know what you mean. When I was young and pretty, I never received credit for my accomplishments from my male colleagues. It was so frustrating. And I agree with you on the fact that women should understand what it means to be treated badly for something you are born with.

          Re: prejudice against the Irish, too many Americans simply don’t know enough history. There used to be cartoons in major newspapers depicting the Irish as very ugly liitle leprechauns or as drunken bums. And there were signs on the doors of businesses that said, “no Irish allowed”. I think this attitude was one of the reasons that my most recent Irish ancestor converted to Methodism in the 1850s. He wanted to be estimed in the society of northern Mississippi pre-Civil War. His siblings who remained in New York City stayed Catolic but they had an entire Irish immigrant community to support them.

  5. I hit on that link and when I saw that bumper sticker, I had a visceral physical reaction of anger pumping up my blood pressure while I fantasized about tire irons and shattering auto glass. While I would never really do such a thing, I’d sure like to… My blood is still boiling as I finish typing this.

    • drangedinaz says:

      I had a very visceral and physical reaction too, in the pit of my stomach…then I got really angry. I actually restrained myself in the post. I wanted to talk about all the violent things I would like to do to such bigots, but that would be sinking to their level and I refuse to do that. After all that emotion fades, I begin to just feel sad for humanity.

  6. Hala J. says:

    That is just…..I’m speechless. I know that there is a lot of racism that goes on in the US, from what I read and what I hear, but to actually proudly display your ignorant black heart on your car is beyond my understanding. America needs a bloody makeover, and fast. The foam-at-the-mouth fundies and the crazy Republicans have had their day in the sun for far, far too long!

    • drangedinaz says:

      I know, it’s gotten actually scary lately–seriously with all the laws forcing medical procedures on women, telling women they have no privacy with there medical records, the talk about violent revolt and secession, and now the out and out racist slurs…it’s just too much.

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