Well, the hits just keep on rolling out of the AZ Senate Judicial Committee. Another horrid bill has been proposed by Sen. Debbie Lesko (R – Glendale) that says employers have the right to question an employee about their use of contraception and deny coverage or even fire that employee if it is being used for anything other than medical purposes.

So if you can convince your boss that the pill you take is for acne, cysts or endometriosis then you should be fine. If you are using it to put off having a child, well you’re clearly a slut and the employer has not only the right not to pay for the medication but also to fire you. But to be fair, the state of Arizona is a “right to work” state ironically meaning that an employer can fire you anytime they want without providing a reason.

So before employers could fire women for being sluts but they weren’t free to tell the woman why, but with this new law they will now be able to fire her AND tell her it’s because she is a slut. Phew, I thought for a minute there that women would never learn why we keep getting fired indiscriminately. With this law we will know exactly why… because we just couldn’t keep that aspirin between our knees, something that the Apostle Paul warned us of so many centuries ago.

Boy, what a great country we live in, right!? Where the religious freedom of business owners is so valued that they are given the right to pry into our medical records (but only the records of those people born under the misfortune of having a vagina, of course) and that freedom extends to punishing women who don’t live up to the business owner’s own religiously informed moral standards. If you are a male, then you can rest assured the medical records exposing your Viagra prescription that enables you to bone the wife AND keep a honey on the side happy will never be subject to your employers scrutiny and never be the reason for your firing. After all, boys will be boys and girls will always be sluts.

Sen. Lesko is so proud of her proposed legislation that she felt it necessary to point out that in America we have religious freedom, unlike so many other countries.

I believe we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union…So, government should not be telling the organizations or mom and pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs.

Wow, we really dodged a bullet there. I mean, if not for this bill women might actually be allowed to live within their own religious and moral beliefs, which is really not good for them or for society. Now the women will be safe in the loving arms of someone else’s religious dogma. Ladies, don’t you just feel the love, the concern, and the all-encompassing nature of your employer’s religious belief? Heck, who needs individual religious liberty when our free market employers have so much leeway that it spills over into the private lives of their female employees. We can just let their values settle over us like a mantle.

However, Sen. Lesko is wrong on one point. We no longer live in America, where religious liberty is supposed to mean that you can practice your religion just so long as you don’t impose your beliefs on others. Nor do we live in the former Soviet Union where they actually provided state funded abortions as a means of contraception without question and without any pre-qualifications. No, we are apparently living in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Now where did I put my burqa, that lovely new fashion for women in AZ that displays so much “joi de vie” under the mantle of my employer’s religious freedoms? I wonder if I left at the dry cleaners….

The latest in women's fashion in AZ

The latest in women's fashion in AZ - a mantle of the employer's religious liberty




  1. drangedinaz says:

    LOL, I was shooting more for satire but preaching will do!

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