Minimum is not enough

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Arizona Politics, Legislation, Ugliness American Style
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The AZ State Legislature voted two days ago to put on the November ballet an initiative to tie the AZ minimum wage to the Federal. 6 years ago through a ballot initiative the people voted in a $7.65/hr wage (6 years ago fer crying out loud) and now the Legislature wants us to vote it down to the Federal level which is $7.25. Are they effin kidding? 25 years ago, when I started working busing tables, I made $5.25 which was minimum wage. So in 25 years the minimum wage (using the Federal standard) has only increased 2 stinking dollars. That’s insane! Over the last 6 years alone the inflation rate has spiked from 1% to 5% (from and I don’t think those numbers actually take into account many things they should.

It is my understanding that the inflationary rate is tied to the Consumer Price Index but it SHOULD be tied to the Cost of Living index which takes many more things into consideration like taxes and intangibles such as education, medical care, etc. So one of the biggest expenses, health care, isn’t taken into account when we think of minimum wage. Also, child care! Back when only one person in a family worked, no child care was needed. But now that both parents work, somebody has to watch the kids and it is damn expensive. There are all kinds of changes that have occurred in the last few decades that the GOP refuses to acknowledge and therefore refuse to adjust minimum wages to deal with those rising costs. We have to force them to pull their heads out of the ground and deal with reality, here and now.

  1. Health care, child care, the whole point is that people who want to lower the minimum wage just don’t care at all… for anyone but themselves. Disgraceful!

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