• Voter Suppression Laws  –  An excellent summary of what is going on nationwide regarding voter ID laws and the bigger picture by Kay over at Ballon-juice.com

    I think conservative lawyers and the paid pundits who promote these laws should have to explain why the laws they’re pushing through are more restrictive with each passing year. They invented the voter impersonation fraud problem that voter ID laws supposedly address. They could never prove “the problem” existed, and that of course means we on the voter access side will never be able to prove that the increasingly restrictive laws fix “the problem”.

    Once we’re untethered from reality, and we are, there’s no end to how far we’ll be told we have to go.

  • The GOP Candidates – It’s funny how the three GOP candidates represent the largest three divisions within the GOP:  Grifters, Haters, and 1 Percenters (I’ll let you figure out who is who)
  • Both Sides Don’t Do ItDavid Frum, a conservative columnist and pundit has something you rarely hear from the right, a fair appraisal of the recent Limbaugh scandal and an admonishment to his conservative colleagues.
  • Are you a Slut? – use this handy dandy flowchart to find out!

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