This clip from Morning Joe is HI-Larious for the obvious reasons. However, if you can spot the racist statement that is said without any real awareness on their part of what they’re actually saying, I will give you a big KUDO! Enjoy 🙂


h/t to Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog

  1. Hmm…I think this is the wrong video. It’s a story about a mom saving her kids in the hurricanes.

  2. Mine crashed at 2:51 – but they had just said ‘so, the white (republican) knight isn’t coming?’ which I thought was pretty awful!
    Sorry – I have to ask this. Is this a show just for repubs? Because if it isn’t, WTF is up with the snorting man saying ‘we’ all the time? I though the news wasn’t supposed to be biased – especially not that bloody obviously.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Yeah, Kudos to you! It may not have been racist, really. But it is awfully funny and in poor taste considering……

      The guy snorting is Joe Scarborough, for whom the show, Morning Joe, is named after. He is one of the few Republican/Conservatives still on MSNBC. A former US Congressman from Florida for 6 years. He suddenly resigned in his 4th term and two months later a young woman was found dead in his offices. There was supposedly no foul play but there have been rumors on the Internet ever since. Perhaps his co-host Mika Brzezinski can be considered a conservative, don’t know, daughter of famous foreign policy expert and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski under Pres. Carter–she, unfortunately is not as bright as her father or at least she doesn’t show her intelligence because she sits there and simpers instead of challenging all the patently stupid things Joe says. MSNBC used to have Pat Buchanan on shows to give the right’s side of things (ie, balance) but he was fired for racists things he wrote in a recent book (although good ole Pat has been saying racist things for decades so why they decided to fire him so late in the game, I don’t know).

      So the short answer is, there are only two kinds of news on American TV now. The right-wingers (anything on Fox, Joe on MSNBC) and the supposed middle (which is actually conservative biased because they are desperate to avoid the liberal bias stigma). You can always spot the second kind if you ever hear the statement, “both sides do it”.

  3. Didn’t the news used to be…news? Was I ignorant seven years ago, or have things changed so very much? My mother was a newspaper editor – admittedly in a small town – and she never, ever would have stood for opinions masquerading as facts.

  4. Drangedinaz says:

    If you haven’t been here in 7 years then you have definitely missed the major bias shift that has occurred. It has actually been slowly changing for quite some time but it has only become so egregious as to be noticeable since GW Bush’s second term. And since Pres Obama was elected it has gotten downright absurd. The most watched tv news channel is Fox news owned by Rupert Murdoch and their programming is the most biased I have ever witnessed outside of fascist or dictator controlled countries. I mean it is literally a full time job tracking and reporting on their lies and incorrect reporting-I am not exaggerating. For the rest of the news channels they screw up in two ways. First their desire to appear balanced has ironically made them untruthful (perhaps incorrect is a better way to characterize it). So they will say something like Limbaugh’s 3 day verbal attack on the college woman (and decades of other misogynist radio shows) is equivalent to comedian Bill Maher calling Palin a twat once. The “both sides do it” meme is what it is called online. The second thing they do is they don’t challenge pundits, politicians, basically anyone they interview, when the interviewee says something out of line or patently false. Which is NOT true journalism. Murrows and Conkrite are probably rolling in their graves.

    Just recently NPR, one of the best of the bunch, made a policy change to no longer present both sides to appear balanced if there aren’t truly two sides. For eg let’s say the majority of scientists believe and have tons of evidence to support the fact that gravity exists. If some nutcase group wants to claim that gravity doesn’t exist they would no longer present their perspective or if they did they would qualify their perspective as being unsupported or bad science, etc So they want to actually start reporting the fact that something is inaccurate if the weight of the evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of one theory, perspective etc. This will be a good change but everyone should have been doing this all along. But I guarantee that you will hear on rightwing talk radio and Fox News a ton of blowback and charges of liberal bias. Then we will see Republicans in Congress trying to defund NPR (again). It’s a big loop of outrage that bullies the MSM to give in to the Republican narrative.

  5. It was fun to watch this, just to watch a group of Republicans pissing and moaning about how bad their choices for 2012 presidential candidates are, and how bad their chances look right now for any hope of winning the White House in November. (knocks on wood!) That was a real pleasure!

    But not sure it’s racist, cause “the white knight” is an expression that has been used in politics before, without black candidates or incumbents being involved. Now if they said “great white hope” that would be another story!

    I wish I could buy my wife a Freudian slip – it would be a great gag gift! Lol 😉

    • drangedinaz says:

      After I thought about it, I think it might not be racist….but it sure was funny given the context. In re: to the Freudian Slip, that’s a great idea! If I could screen print Freud’s face onto slips and sell them I might make some dough! LOL

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