Words have consequences

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Non-AZ, Ugliness American Style, Women's Issues
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The vitriol on the right has real world consequences because it colors and reinforces incorrect stereotypes that directly affect the way people treat each other. Here is the perfect example of what I mean. A group of 16 year old girls wrote the following to another girl.

Little miss innocent, huh? Whatever slut- you take birth control pills so you can f*&# every guy in school! What a joke- u are nothin but a whore! Pretty bad when some guy on the radio who isn’t afraid to tell the truth has to break it down for everybody- if u on the Pill u are nothing but a skank ass ho! My mom said girls on the pill are tramps who just wanna get laid and don’t care about nothin- is that how u are?

The mother of the poor girl being harassed here is very upset and angry and I don’t blame her. It would take every bit of self-control I have not to go to the mothers of these bullies and slap the snot out of them. Rush Limbaugh is a hypocritical, misogynistic carbuncle that needs to be excised from the body politic. There are many campaigns to get his sponsors to drop him and it appears to be having some effect. He did apologize but it was the most insincere and most qualified apology I have ever had the misfortune to hear. If this story moves you, maybe you should join the protest. Here is just one site sending out emails to his advertisers. There are many more if you Google it.


    • drangedinaz says:

      Thanks! So far 9 advertisers have left his show and two radio stations have dropped him entirely. That is quite an accomplishment. We are women, hear us roar!

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