If you are a woman or the parent of a girl/woman there is some very serious legislation being proposed in several states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama that will directly affect you or someone you love. I am talking about the recent spate of proposed laws regarding abortion and personhood. While we have been distracted the far right has been stripping us of our rights. So we need to be more vigilant and quickly opposing unreasonable changes in our laws. Here is a quote from a fantastic article on the subject by Bob Cesca:

Your modern Republican Party has decided that a one percent increase in taxes for multi-millionaires is an impeachment-worthy high crime, but the state-mandated insertion of an electronic device into the vaginas of women who are ostensibly struggling with the most difficult moments of their adult lives is a perfectly acceptable exercising of government power. (By the way, these are the people to whom Ron Paul — the self-proclaimed guardian of liberty — would hand the reins of, well, everything.)

You can read the entire thing at his website. Then contact your state legislature and tell them that things like mandating unnecessary medical procedures against a woman’s consent, forcing women to look at pictures or hear a fetal heartbeat,characterizing women who use contraceptives as sluts and prostitutes, or granting personhood to a zygote at the moment of conception are absolutely unacceptable violations of our autonomy and we will not stand for it. Hell even if these things aren’t happening in your state you can bet your ass they are thinking about doing something similar because this is a national movement to undermine women’s rights. Nip it in the bud. Stop this madness before it is too late.

Here is a website where you can find your state legislature website to contact your local representatives and senators. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?


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