Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Tea Party, The Media, Ugliness American Style
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Andrew Breitbart, conservative internet publisher, contributor to many web sites and founder of Big has died. He was famous for helping to start Huffington Post and for later publishing the videos cobbled together by James O’Keefe that destroyed many innocent people and the Acorn organization.  His website has a statement and indicates that he  died from natural causes (I never link to his website because it is full of ugly lies and vicious in tone).

The last time he was in the public eye it was when he lost his shpadoinkle while screaming at Occupy protestors.  Many speculated at the time that he was drinking or using drugs because his behavior was so out of control and over the top.  Even if he wasn’t abusing alcohol or drugs, I remember thinking that his blood pressure must be terrible and he was a heart attack waiting to happen.  Maybe it was something as simple as that…a heart attack.  But at 43, that would mean there was something perhaps congenital, which sadly often goes unnoticed.

In any case, as much as I disliked him I feel very sorry for his family.  I’m sure they are shocked and grieving right now.  My thoughts go out to them.  As for all his sins against fellow Americans, that’s between him and his maker now.–abc-news.html


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