• I was wrong about Santorum when I predicted that he would drop out after FL, since he’s obviously in it now to the end.  Too bad after last nights primaries that he is losing because Dems would LOVE to face him in the general.  I was very uncomfortable with Santorum’s call for Dems to vote for him in the open primary in Michigan.  I don’t like it when either side does these kinds of things (see Limbaugh and 2008 race).  It’s unethical AND it subverts the system.  I thought it was VERY funny that Romney condemned Santorum for doing it but was called out by the MSM (for once they did their job!!!!!!) by noting that Romney had done the same thing back in 1992.
  • MSM concern trolling is in full force re: Romney’s win in Arizona. What a lot of non-Arizonans don’t realize is how powerful the Mormon subculture is in the state. And since Romney is very Mormon and Santorum has been pretty honest in the past about the feelings of most Christians that Mormonism is a cult (which implied that he felt that way), then there was no way on God’s Green Earth the GOP in AZ would vote for Santorum.
  • Last night, during a conversation with a Libertarian acquaintance about taxes, I began to think about why people pay taxes. Many people feel “compelled” to pay, right? It’s the law and if you don’t they will come after you and can put you in jail, garnish your wages, etc.  And people often don’t like to be forced to do something. I know that I am the kind of person that if someone tries to force me to do something I become resentful and I will often do the opposite of what they want (mature, I know).  Fortunately, I don’t feel compelled to pay my taxes.  I gladly pay them for the services I receive, for the services I may someday, heaven forbid, need, as a form of charity for the  suffering, and out of patriotic duty. Indeed, there is evidence that previous generations felt that paying taxes was patriotic. Maybe this was because we were involved in war after war that required Americans to sacrifice; whereas the recent wars we have been in have required very little sacrifice from the population at large (not a small sacrifice, of course, for soldiers and their families). But there does appear to be an attitudinal shift toward taxes. This attitudnal difference generally appears to match up against political orientation. It may be at the heart of why many people on the right become tax protesters. Ironically enough, and I don’t mean this observation to be at all derogatory….I find it strange that these personality types will so readily accept compulsion from other authority figures such as religious authorities (i.e., the Catholic Church), political and social leaders (e.g., Ron Paul), etc., while rejecting the compulsion of their country to do something so necessary.  IMHO, even if we had a country that only did what Ron Paul wants the federal government to do, we would still need to pay taxes to make that happen.   So tell me, I’m curious, why do YOU pay taxes?
  • Speaking of taxes, guess how much AZ citizens will have to pay for the GOP primary we just had? $2.6 million And that brings the following image to mind:

Bill the Cat, AAACK!

  • Former Sheriff’s captain, Joel Fox, was trying to get his job back–he was fired for quite a lot of alleged misconduct on behalf (allegedly) of Sheriff Arpaio. Unfortunately for Fox, testimony in the hearing had to be stopped because there appears to be an ongoing criminal Federal investigation into fundraising violations within the MCSO and Fox’s attorney didn’t want him to inadvertantly incriminate himself.  Muy interesante, no?
  • Big surprise, another state representative, this time a Democrat from Tucson, had a domestic violence dispute and it’s causing a kerfluffle in the legislative community (not that it shouldn’t, mind you-but it does seem to happen a lot here in AZ, see the case of former state Senator Scott Bundgaard)
  • At 10 am (AZ time) Richard Moormann is supposed to be executed by lethal injection at the state prison in Florence. His crime was pretty horrific but he is extremely mentally disabled–think of an 7 year old boy in the body of a grown man, with all that strength and those physical impulses, over which he would have little control. Typically AZ doesn’t execute anyone with an IQ less than 70, but it seems that everyone given in the Death Penalty in this state are conveniently determined, at least by the state, to be above that score of 70 (particularly at the point when they committed the crime).  The prosecutors’ argument was Moormann had a particularly good, lucid day, the day he committed murder so that his IQ was at least 71.  /sarcasm  His last appeals were denied. However the DOC (as I explained in a post yesterday) has been ignoring their own protocol, essentially violating the law and skirting constitutional violations to the point that the Judiciary is warning them.

Although a three-judge panel declined to delay Moormann’s execution, it issued a strong warning to Arizona officials who have continuously changed and violated the state’s execution policy, saying the state has forced the court “to engage in serious constitutional questions and complicated factual issues in the waning hours before executions.”

“This approach cannot continue,” the panel wrote. “We are mindful of the admonition requiring us to refrain from micromanaging each individual execution, but the admonition has a breaking point.”










  1. Nice to have a kindred soul. I keep telling my mom that paying taxes is a good thing, and I would not mind paying more to have more quality of life, to let uninsured children have health care, to help pay tuition for my kids to go to college. I don’t understand why people just don’t get it.

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