And the moon is made out of cheese

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Humor, Sarah Palin
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So Sarah Palin’s aides were pissed yesterday because they think the HBO new movie about the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign called Game Change is inaccurate.  Only problem is they’ve never seen it.

Current and former aides to Sarah Palin lashed out Wednesday at HBO’s “Game Change,” describing the upcoming film’s depictions of her on the 2008 campaign trail as “sick” and inaccurate.

None of the aides said they have yet seen the movie, which debuts March 10, and some said they had asked for an opportunity to screen the film but had been denied.

Yah, you betcha!

  1. I thought ‘sick’ was the new ‘cool’? Maybe her team is as far behind the zeitgeist as we all thought – or it’s a clever way of saying they support it? 😉 In any case, when in doubt – deny and disparage!

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